It is a habit of little growing boys to put their shoes in a lot of damage and pollution. Therefore, you must give your little boy reliable, safe, and long-lasting shoes made by the trustworthy stride rite company. Undoubtedly, stride rite shoes have enduring quality and can stand up to the test.

Since little boys shoes have to do a little too tough job but at the same time, they should be stylish and modern appearance strong and reliable built quality. It is important because the shoes must give excellent safety and security for the growing feet. Straight right is at your service, delivering the best quality shoes, design for beating environment still giving the best appearance, and ensuring all necessary comfort and relief for your little boy’s feet requirements.

Stride Rite Sneakers for Boys

stride rite sneaker for boys

Strike rite is proud to present made2play sneaker series especially design for big and small boys, maybe toddlers and babies. Made2play series are 100% washable with the machine. They have special designs that can bear all the adventures of little boys in sandboxes, mud pools, and other messy areas that are among favorite places of growing boys. There is a large variety of designs and fun colors available in stride rite little boys made2play series. Therefore, you should check all the available designs and colors to pick up the perfect mission washable pair for your little boy.

Stride Rite Made to Play Series

Above all, sneaker series from the stride rite for little boys features mesh linings, breathable structure, and child-friendly shoe closure options. These options include but not limited to easy on-off hook and loop ankle bands, inline laces for improved comfort, and a perfect fit for your little boy in all kinds of his favorite games and sports. Secondly, stride rite made-to-play series sneakers are equally durable in land or water, featuring very fast dry options. And finally, there is an exemplary stride rite soft motion line of baby shoe series which is particularly or designed for little boys who are just about to take their first steps in their lifetime, how memorable and cheerful moments!

Stride Rite Boots for Little Boys

Undoubtedly, boots give more style to one’s personality, particularly in chilly winter seasons. Stride rite boots for little boys bring even more comfort and style to your little one’s personality. Famous boots model include “stretch” by the stride rite company give Supreme luxury and underfoot flexibility. Stride Rite also offers “m2p” or “made2play” and “soft motion” series to guarantee optimum style with added comfort and luxury for your little boy. Moreover, stride rite boots for little boys also cover smart leather booties, work boot replicas, sneaker boots specially designed for Snow, and other wide range of boot varieties. In short, one can easily find an awesome style with comfort for all kinds of climate and functions.

Stride Rite Sandal Collections for Little Boys

For you would love your little boy to experience all little adventures and make beautiful childhood memories. You want him to feel hot afternoons, experience an adventurous poolside place, and have exceptional trips to the beach, but all of them require a reliable pair of shoes that can withstand water and don’t let your little boy slip-off. Stride rite is again at your service, offering long-lasting “Phibian” sandal series for little boys specially designed for water sports, emphasizing extra grip to the ground, strong bottom that won’t let your little boy slip-off.

Stride Rite Water Shoe Series for Little Boys

stride rite rain boots

Also, this extraordinary shoe series features fast-drying ability after having a long day of water sports. Stride rite also offers sandals for big kids. These leather sandals have a beautiful style according to your big child age and give extraordinary support to help your child in walking and provide him with added comfort. Above all, stride rite made-to-play phibian sandals are easily washable with the machine and have the fast-to-dry ability. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for rivers, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, or anywhere your child could interface with damp or muddy situations.

Little Boys Dress Shoes from Stride Rite

Dress shoes are not a mandatory requirement for your little boy since he does not need to attend the office five times a week. Still, there are multiple occasions when you want your little boy to wear formal shoes. Stride Rite of a wide range of dress shoe designs for various formal occasions. The collection includes dress shoes that couple nicely with jeans, mini-khakis, or any other little sophisticated formal dress. Most famous stride rite formal shoes include “oxford series” which give glamour and style along with durability and comfort to your little boy for any former location. Dress shoes also include “soft motion series” for rookie walkers and “strudier stretch” for your big kid to help him grow and achieve confidence.

10 Best Stride Rite Little Boys Shoes

The Stride Rite company offers a wide variety of shoes for your little boy. This diversity ranges from boots such as made2play series, reliable sandals such as trustworthy water series, and sophisticated dress shoes such as the Oxford series.

1. Stride Rite Made2Play® Indy Sneaker

stride rite made to play® indy sneaker

stride rite made2play® indy sneaker

Stride Rite company is always at your service to facilitate your little boy to enjoy his to childhood in the best possible manner. You must know that but is one of the favorite friends of your little one, and he wants to combine with mud, but for that purpose, he needs some durable and strong shoes. Hair comes in the stride rite Made2Play little boy shoe collection, specially designed for mud sports.

The washable indy is a premium quality sneaker from the stride rite company, which offers comfort and style at the same time. It will encourage your little boy to gain confidence, run a little faster, and jump even more. You can also teach your little one to put off his shoes at the door because of its easy on-off facility. Following are the important characteristics:

  • Made2Play (M2P) is a guaranteed machine washable collection.
  • Perfect design for long-lasting durability and noise proof technology.
  • Very easy on-off closure option with hook & loop.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Features very beautiful mesh.
  • Rubber outsoles provide very fine fraction and perfect strength.
  • Breathable meshing technology with an anti-microbial strategy to decrease the smell.
  • Exceptional Aegis™ and Biome™ lining Al.
  • Improved underfoot comfort due to flexible memory foams.
  • Extra-wide sizing options due to Silver style.
  • Very easily tractable and orthotic friendly
  • Contains blue camo and purple multi colorways.
  • Meshing made from recycled yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Design and durability approved by Unifi manufacturing and global recycled standard.
  • Include recycled outsoles from surplus and trash outsole materials.

2. Stride Rite Soft Motion Adrian Sneaker

soft motion adrian sneaker

Stride soft motion sneaker shoes are ideally designed for your cute little boy and his charming little toes. Undoubtedly the shoes are soft, very satisfactory, smart, and stylish at the same time. The comfort level is improved by using premium quality memory foam insoles and have extensive flex channels that encourage your baby to walk. Stride rite soft motion sneakers are available in various colors and fun prints that may be used in contrast with any beautiful outfit. Following are some key characteristics:

  • Support natural movement for the first time walking toddlers.
  • Encourage healthy growth of the baby’s foot.
  • Soft motion series is APMA approved.
  • Particularly designed for cute little baby boys.
  • Very easy on-off closure with hook and loop options.
  • Effortlessly stretchable.
  • Coherent and consistent construction to support baby foot’s characteristic shape.
  • Soft and round soles that help natural growth and develop stability.
  • Premium quality memory foams for improved underfoot comfort.
  • Features grey style which enable extra-wide sizing options.
  • Stride rite soft motion series is adaptable and orthotic friendly.

3. Sperry Top-Sider Striper II lTT Retro Sneaker


Sperry for kids from the stride rite company is a popular brand and has earned the reputation over the years for its durability and stylish appearance. Sperry’s Striper II Reto is a long-lasting and kid’s friendly product that will accompany you from summer camp to seaside sundae. It deserves the title of “go-with-anything” sneaker. It comprises of very soft rubber toe-cap to provide extended endurance and stability, that’s why it has “retro” in its name. Moreover, the memory foam underfoot ensures consistent comfort for your little one. For sure, this sneaker will not leave your little one from the sunrise to sunset. Following are the key characteristics:

  • Features rubber toe cap for improved durability.
  • Very good grip with the ground.
  • Help the little one in walking and playing around.
  • Very vulcanized and fine bottom for flexibility and cushion.
  • Soft memory foam underfoot for stability and comfort.
  • Breathable upper meshed with textiles.

4. Stride Rite 360 Nova Sneaker


Stride rite 360 is a trustworthy and popular brand among parents, who like to choose it for their little ones in order to ensure your good foot growth and their long-lasting comfort. Nova sneaker is a special design for sharp young minds to give them ultimate confidence and enduring fashion. It is a machine washable product and easily wearable all-day because of its flexible and soft outsole. It consists of comfortable memory foam footbeds and easy hook and loop closure for added adjustability. Following are the important characteristic:

  • 100% machine washable material.
  • Hook and loop closure option for easy on-off
  • Comprises of double fit system.
  • Confessed of removable sock insole.
  • Memory foam footbed for long-lasting comfort.
  • Large size openings for easy on-off.

5. Stride Rite Craig Sneaker (Toddler)

stride rite craig sneakers for toddlers

stride rite Craig sneakers for toddlers

You can keep your little boy’s feet safe from any damage or harm by selecting a suitable pair of shoes for him. Playscapes, mud puddles in concrete jungles are the most favorite places of our little kids, and demand for durable and reliable pair of shoes. Here come the stride rite Craig sneakers for toddlers, ensuring permanent reliability and most desirable fashion simultaneously. Following are it’s notable characteristics:

  • 100% leather made shoes.
  • Consist of rubber insole.
  • Very soft and comfortable, encourage toddlers walking.
  • Comprise of hook and loop closure for easy on-off.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Ensures enhanced comfort because of memory foam underfoot insoles.
  • Available in three colors; black, tan, and navy.
  • Very lightweight outsole for supreme compliance.

6. Stride Rite Vroomz Fire Truck Light-Up Sneaker 


Stride rite Vrooms Fire Truck Light-Up sneakers are very attractive with a stylish athletic appearance. They will definitely light-up the dreams of your little boy, and encourage him to play his best. This awesome product from the stride rite company features reliable athletic outsoles and fire truck detailing on the exterior. Following are the notable characteristics of this beautiful product:

  • 100% pure leather.
  • Soft and luxurious rubber sole.
  • Attractive light-up shoes.
  • Easy hook and loop for comfortable on and off.
  • Improved adjustability and adaptability.
  • Presentable and breathable textile upper.
  • Memory foam insole for enduring comfort.
  • Very lightweight EVA outsole improved traction with rubber.
  • Ticket dimensions are approximately 8.9 x 6.8 x 3.7 inches; 1.15 Pounds
  • Also available in Vroomz Crusier Chase.

7. Stride Rite Baby and Toddler Boys Cooper Casual Sneaker

Stride Rite Baby and Toddler Boys Cooper Casual Sneaker

Stride Rite Baby Boys Cooper Casual Sneaker

This lightweight cooper 2.0 hook and loop product from the stride rite company is a class in itself. It will guarantee you to give your toddler the best experience of his childhood. It will also give you time to decide whether you should move to lace-up shoes or should still go with hook and loop style shoes. These sneakers are very comfortable and easily washable with the machine due to leather manufacturing. These features make this extraordinary shoe perfect for everyday wear. Some important characteristics are:

  • 100% machine washable.
  • Completely made of leather.
  • Easy on with dual hook and loop flexible band closure.
  • Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Very fast dry properties.
  • Features extra-wide sizing options.
  • Exceptional adaptability and orthotic friendly.
  • Very comfortable due to the rubber sole.
  • An ideal choice for school uniforms for playtime.
  • Mono color leather sneakers.
  • Comprises of perforated upper.
  • Available in white and black colors.

8. Stride Rite Saucony Flash Glow A/C Jr. Sneaker

Stride Rite Saucony Flash Glow A/C Jr. Sneaker

Stride Rite Saucony Flash Glow A/C Jr. Sneaker

Enlighten the world of your child with new stride rite Saucony’s new Flash Glow sneakers. Elegant in class and durable in performance, Saucony’s new Flash Glow sneakers are an ideal choice for your little boy. Very beautiful and attractive light coming out of these sneakers I will make him cherish. It is a very durable and lightweight shoe with a very comfortable outsole and anti-stink linings keep his foot fresh inside the shoe. These sneakers will make your little boy do more adventures and give him the confidence to walk on his own. There is also an on-off switch for the lighted outsole. Following are the important characteristics:

  • Easy on-off light option through the on-off button on the sneaker exterior.
  • Very reliable and flexible lightweight EVA outsole.
  • Consist of rubber under footbed for improved traction.
  • Antimicrobial textile lining keeps feet fresh and avoids odor.
  • Extra cushioning provided by light EVA midsole.
  • Very fine and breathable upper mesh.
  • Very attractive blue and orange combination.
  • Available for little kids (size 6 to 10) and big kids (size 3-10.5).

9. Stride Rite Made2Play® Phibian Baby Sneaker Sandal

stride rite made to play phibian sneaker

Stride rite made to play phibian baby sneaker shoes is an extremely water friendly pair of shoes for your little swimmer. They are very flexible and lightweight. Premium in single piece construction and reliable sewing make these shoes easy to wear. They will help your baby’s foot in swimming and will reduce the odor. Above all, they feature a very important quick-dry ability and are easily washable. Therefore, you can easily wash them in a machine once your baby is done with swimming and everything like chlorine or saltwater smell is gone. Following are the notable characteristics:

  • Main to play is guaranteed machine washable collection.
  • Durable and noise proof Technology.
  • Easy on/off adjustable strap improve adjustability.
  • Hook and loop closure makes it easy to use.
  • Breathable textile upper.
  • Extreme durability and traction because of the rubber outsole.
  • Aegis and Bomie linings.
  • Antimicrobial treatment to reduce the unnecessary smell.