Stride rite is a renowned brand. It has stores all over the USA and Canada. Moreover, stride rite shoes are also accessible from other local shops. Stride rite has made its name over the years in manufacturing children’s shoes in almost all sizes ranging from medium, wide, and extra-wide. They are popular for their kid’s shoe collection from newborn to almost 6 years old. Furthermore, stride rite is famous for its extra “comfort seam” products such as socks with tight-fitting. The best thing in stride rite is that if you bring an old pair of shoes for charity, they will offer you a 20% discount on your purchase.

Parents get concerned about what shoes to buy for their little Walker, as soon as their baby starts cruising. It is worth noting that the foot is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body which is composed of almost 26 bones. The bones are set in such a way that the foot becomes capable of supporting the entire body weight and walking on rough surfaces. Therefore, it is a very sensitive part of the body.

Famous Shoe Styles For Little Girls at Stride Rite

stride rite little girl shoes

Stride rite company is renowned for its little girls’ shoe productions. Little girl shoes are available at stride rite in various styles which gives you a lot of freedom for your little girl shoe shopping. Baby girl toddler shoes at stride rite are available in Boots, Sneakers, Casuals, Dress, Mary Janes, and Sandal styles.


  • Little Girl Boots

Stride rite little girl boot is a specific type of footwear which essentially covers the foot and the ankle. The company also manufactures some girl boots that include lower calf. Stride rite company has made its name because of its superior quality boots, most of them are manufactured as a single piece, unlike other manufacturers who fabricate shoe’s heel and so sole separately. Little girl shoes are available in various colors, materials, and closures schemes.

  • Little Girl Sneakers

Stride rite sneaker shoes for the little girl has a big demand in the market. The company design these shows specifically for everyday physical crazy activities as a kid. However, they can also be used as casual wear.

  • Casual Styles

Casual shoes are shoes that can simply be used in day to day life and look good with a casual outfit. Most of the stride rite little girl casual shoes are specifically designed for initial Walkers. They are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible which helps your little daughter to walk on her own.

  • Dress Shoes

Usually, dress shoes are shoes that are to be used on formal occasions. Girl’s dress shoes are a category of shoes that give more Elegance and style to an outfit. Dress shoes are also termed as party shoes these days. This category of shoes may have a higher heel.

  • Mary Janes

Mary Jane is a famous category of girl shoes in America, also known as doll shoes. These are normally closed, low cut shoes you have one or more straps across it. Mary Jane is a popular class for little girl shoes, typically in black leather color, or patent leather. Mothers like their little daughters to wear mary Jane shoes with pantyhose, socks or a dress or a skirt and blouse.

  • Little Girl Sandals

Sandals are an open type of lightweight footwear with open front end upper one or more straps attaching the sole to the foot. People like to wear sandals in summer or hot seasons in order to keep the foot and dry and cool. Stride rite company is a top producer of little girl and little boys sandals in various styles.


1. Stride Rite Srtech Monroe Sandals

Stride Rite Srtech Monroe Sandals

These attractive and lovely sandals will make your little one look more beautiful and charming. The sandals are decorated with beautiful rosette designs all across the strap. This beautiful stride rite stretch Monroe sandal shoes will give confidence to the little girl and will give her the courage to see bigger dreams. These stride rite sandals have beautiful style and supporting soles. Overall, leather is used as the main manufacturing material. These sandals have the following important features:

  • Stride rite toddler sandals with the exterior made of leather.
  • They have easy on and off ability because of double hook and loop.
  • Extra comfort due to Ortholite memory foam.
  • Uniform construction that sustains the natural shape of the foot.
  • Extra opening for easy-on, it is also APMA approved.
  • Smart footbeds with partial lines for extra breathability.
  • Intelligently fixed flexible tread movement for manageable multi-directional movement.
  • Superior adhesion and fixing because of rubber soles.

2. Stride Rite SRtech Zoe Boot

Stride Rite SRtech Zoe Boot

Stride Rite SRtetch Zoe Boot is one of the best choices for your little girl when she becomes a walker from the crawler. These are comfortable but very flexible shoes because of some key stress features such as sturdiness and adhesion. These features effectively help your little toddler to walk easily on their own. These stride rite little girl boot use premium leather exterior with the soft and delicate interior. It consists of hook and loop closures which increase its durability. As a whole, these boots support kid’s movement with fashion and style. Following are the important features:

  • Special design for independent walkers.
  • SRtech technology provides a powerful structure.
  • Sensory interior sole promotes new Walkers to help them discover new grounds.
  • Superior quality leather used as major fabricating material.
  • Excellent regular construction that helps the natural foot shape development.
  • Provision of multi-directional flexibility due to tread outsole design.
  • Features intensified comfort due to signature memory form footbeds.
  • Excellent traction and grip because of sensory pots beneath the boots.

3. Stride Rite Soft Motion Aurora Sandal

stride rite soft motion aurora sandal

Stride rite soft motion Arora sandal is a special design for your beloved little girl and our little toes. Aurora soft motion shoe series by Stride Rite company are soft, delicate, comfortable, and extremely stylish. This sandal features premium memory foam at the insoles gives ultimate comfort to the little toes. Additionally, extensive grooves move smoothly with the little girl’s feet. Fortunately, stride rite offers soft motion Arora sandals in multiple colors and prints that can cheer the life of your little daughter. Following are the key features:

  • Soft motion series is a particular design for first time-walkers.
  • They encourage natural foot movement.
  • Clearly, the healthiest and most suitable shoes for your little girl’s foot.
  • Honored with APMA approval.
  • Superior leather as the main construction material at the exterior.
  • Beautiful easy on closer with gentle embroidery.
  • Soft and easy on and off adjustability due to hook and loop closure.
  • Even and gentle construction that helps the natural foot development.
  • Improved balance and natural movement due to flexible rounded soles.
  • Extra comfort feature because of the signature memory foam.

4. Keds X-Kate Spade New York Champion Glitter Crib Sneaker

keds x kate spade new york champion glitter crib sneaker

Keds X-Kate Spade New York Champion Glitter Crib Sneaker from stride rite is a top choice for girls of all ages. Undoubtedly, the sparkle is the ultimate love for girls and that is the reason they support glitter crib sneakers from the stride rite. New York champion glitter crib sneakers have extremely beautiful exterior and give the feeling of lovely gift-wrapped packages. These sneakers have glittery satin lace bows. It is one of the favorite sneakers for all the fashion-loving moms who want their beautiful sweet pre-walkers to get into the stroller style. Once your little girl wears New York champion glitter crib sneakers, they will start to shine and glow. Following are the key features:

  • Wonderful detailing of the New York Kate Spade logo.
  • An incredible set of colorful ribbon laces.
  • Beautiful glittery exterior.
  • Foxing strip with retro-inspiration.
  • Delicate lining making it breathable.
  • Soft and comfortable insole.
  • Adjustable and flexible rubber outsole.

5. Stride Rite 360 Erica Mary Jane

stride rite 360 erica mary jane

Stride Rite 360 Erica Mary Jane is a sweet it and beautiful choice for your little girl. You will be pleased to know that the stride rite 360 series is extremely sweet and have very little complaint. They are easily washable in the washing machine. Therefore, it is a robust and attractive choice at the same. It is composed of rubber and plastic material and has beautiful finishing with lovely details. Some popular detailing includes top bow, little cutouts of heart, and scalloped borders. Some notable features include:

  • Easy and adjustable on/of convenience.
  • Easily washable in the washing machine.
  • It features removable sock insole making it dual fit system.
  • Readily washable plastic.
  • A perfect example of extreme comfort due to memory foam.
  • Easy-on due to oversized openings.
  • Beautiful antimicrobial linings.
  • Remarkably lightweight stretchy outsole.

6. Stride Rite Soft Motion Jamie Sneaker

stride rite soft motion jamie sneaker

Stride right soft motion Jamie sneakers is a top choice for your little daughter. This sneaker series is soft, delicate, comfortable, fashionable, and stylish and perfectly designed for the sensitive little toes. It also features superior quality memory foam insoles. They are available in multiple colors and can pair perfectly with any colorful outfit. Moreover, it has extensive flex channels to move with baby feet and give him the desired comfort. As a whole, soft motion series is a dedicated design for toddlers to encourage natural foot development. They have excellent customer reviews and can be truly described as healthiest shoes for the baby’s foot. This is the reason that all of the soft motion serious stride rite shoes are APMA approved. Some of the key features are:

  • Baby sneakers, designed with premium leather and mesh for both boys and girls.
  • Easy on and off adjustability due to hook and loop closure.
  • Encourage natural foot development due to seamless construction.
  • Features enhanced comfort because of Signature memory foam.
  • Highlight excellent traction and grip by using smart sole designs.
  • Available in Navy, white (BB60328), and purple (BG60367) style characteristics.
  • Smart extra-wide sizing selections making this shoe orthotic friendly.

7. Stride Rite Lorraine Boot

stride rite lorraine boot


Stride rite has made its name in little girl boot production over the years. Lorraine boots are among its popular little girl boot series. This would feature beautiful Metallica upper with bow-accent and marvelous zipper detail. It is a perfect example of a best-in-class booth with extraordinary style. Following are its notable features:

  • Beautiful boots with a metallic finish.
  • Elegant closure on the side with a zip.
  • Comfortable footbeds with memory foam.
  • Anti-microbial linings
  • Soft and comfortable rubber outsole.
  • Elegant glittering upper.
  • The artistic metallic finish on sides.

8. Stride Rite Walker Slip-On Sneaker

stride rite walker slip-on sneake

Make your life full of fashion and style with these playfully beautiful printed slip-on new song sneakers. The overall appearance of these sneakers is elegant and classy. It has a beautiful and colorful upper Canvas with elastic comfy banding. Overall it has a comfortable feel because of memory foam insoles, a collar with padded heel, and superior gripping soles. Following are the notable features:

  • Elegant Canvas upper sneakers, equally suitable for toddler girls and boys.
  • Improved comfort level due to ortholite memory foam.
  • Decreased odor because of twill linings with the antimicrobial approach.
  • Excellent grip and traction provided by smart soles.
  • Canvas upper with beautiful prints.
  • Heel collar with paddings.

9. Stride Rite Kids SRTech Rosie Girl’s Casual Sneaker

Stride Rite Kids SRTech Rosie Girl's Casual Sneaker

How exciting it is when your little one who crawls earlier now becomes a walker, for sure you want to memorize each and every moment with your little baby. You also expect some exciting and interesting times ahead. Stride rite there for you to maximize your enthusiasm with your little girl. This lightweight and attractive rosie sneaker is very comfortable and gives utter flexibility along with sturdiness and adhesion of SRtech technology. This is the best gift for your toddler, which helps him to walk easier on his own. It provides interesting characteristics of the stable and regular superior quality leather exterior along with easy on/off due to hook and loop closure. It gives excellent mobility along with decent fashion at the same time. Following are the important characteristics:

  • Composed of synthetic material.
  • Premium quality imported stuff.
  • Rubber insole provides excellent comfort.
  • Top-quality leather with Canvas upper having beautiful prints.
  • Easy on-off closure options.
  • Hook and loop closure increase adjustability.
  • Very fine construction which is suitable for natural fooT’s growth.
  • Stride rite signature memory foam footbed for improved comfort level.
  • Multidirectional flexibility due to tread design.
  • Toddler girl sneaker that helps with every step.
  • Encourage little girl and give her to ultimate confidence.
  • Ideal shoe choice for independent workers.