Papa Murphy’s is one of the finest pizza dealers in the United States. Today it has more than 1,300 franchises across the nation in 37 in US states. It was the first company to originate the idea of taking and bake pizza. Papa Murphy’s prepare the pie dough in their stores and the customers have the freedom to cook it at home.

Papa Murphy’s has numerous job openings throughout its large franchise network. They keep on announcing radius job openings for both experienced and fresh professionals. Therefore, you can apply for a job at Papa Murphy’s even if you are a freshman from the university.

Working at Papa Murphy’s!

This remarkable pizza chain is an impressive place to work. At Papa Murphy’s workers are not only employees but a valuable asset for the company. This is the reason that Papa Murphys offer competitive salaries to its employees and also gives them a lot of allied facilities and bonuses. As a result, Papa Murphy’s pizza restaurants have thousands of happy workers who work day and night with devotion and dedication to help the company to meet its mission.

How to find jobs at Papa Murphys?

Talentreef is a platform designed by Papa Murphy’s to hire talented freshman and experienced employees. This platform will display all the currently available jobs throughout Papa Murphy’s franchises and chains. You can also make a free account at talentreef and keep yourself updated with the latest job openings at Papa Murphy’s. You can shortlist your desired job by using various filters available such as your desired job category, intended state and region. There are three major job sections including store management jobs, store crew jobs and support center jobs. Papa Murphy’s pizza is a trusted name and has a large network across the country. It is a good idea to work at such a renowned company because it will give you hands-on experience and will open new career doors for you.

Note: Talentreef is a generic website that publishes all Papa Murphy’s job openings for all its franchises. It is worth noting that franchisees are autonomous businesses and their owners decide employees’ salaries and other facilities. These salaries and facilities may be different from Papa Murphy’s main locations.

Fresh Graduates Jobs at Papa Murphy’s

There are various entry-level jobs at Papa Murphy’s. Most of the freshmen jobs comprise of customer service jobs, cooks, shaker boarder, A.M Preps, team members, cashiers and kitchen staff. If you have previous work history at any restaurant, that may be part-time or full-time will give you a lot of preference over non-experienced applicants. Those fresh graduates who have past job history typically get a job at customer services. On the other hand, those who don’t have any work experience usually get crew member jobs at Papa Murphy’s.

Crew members are Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza Company are responsible for managing kitchen stock and necessary baking ingredients, ensuring product Manufacturing up to customer expectations and maintaining restaurant sanitation and cleanliness. Most of the time, motivated and hard-working entry-level employees who start at Papa murphy’s as a crew member usually end up at management positions such as shift supervisors. The higher management keeps a constant check at all of its employees and rewards all hard-working workers by giving them promotions and bonuses.

Therefore, if you are a college freshman and hunting for a job, Papa Murphy’s can be a good startup opportunity for you. If you spend dedicated six months or a year at Papa Murphy’s, you will certainly get promotion to managerial positions, otherwise, you can use your restaurant experience to get a better position somewhere else. Off on Papa Murphy’s demand for good communication skills, positive attitude, energy, ability to work in a team and having strong moral values.

Upper-level jobs at Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s also offer plenty of managerial jobs for experienced persons. The managerial jobs may include but not limited to the assistant restaurant manager, restaurant general manager, area supervisor and store managers. Mostly these jobs demand extensive restaurants and hoteling industry experience together with extraordinary sales and administrative skills. Essential abilities for managerial jobs at Papa Murphys include planning, communication, decision-making and motivation skills. It also asks for good interpersonal, leadership and analytical skills.

Usually, managers at Papa Murphy’s motivate their subordinate workers to work with dedication and devotion. Their major duties include making work schedules for subordinates, maintaining prices and cost at restaurants and to keep a record of all the expenses and income. Often managers have to work for extra time to fulfill their responsibilities. If due to any reason, there happened to be a shortage of employees at the store, the managers may have to work as regular employees to ensure smooth restaurant operation.

Papa Murphys Job Titles & their Salaries

As described above, then maybe entry-level jobs or upper-level jobs at Papa Murphy’s. The job appointment will depend upon your past work experience. Entry-level jobs are mostly crew member positions whereas upper-level jobs are management positions. These two jobs are described as follows:

Crew Members at Papa Murphy’s

Crew members are responsible to prepare food up to a customer’s expectation. They also have two communicate in a good manner with customers and their colleagues and keep themselves motivated. Most of the crew member jobs are part-time having flexible work hours. Papa Murphy’s call for good moral ethics, positive attitude, hard-working, energetic and dedicated personalities to get a part-time crew member job. Usually, part-time crew members have minimum salaries up to $8.5 an hour. On average, crew members such as pizza cook and shaker boarder have an average of approximately $15,000 annual salary.

Papa Murphys Manager Job Description

Management jobs at Papa Murphy’s usually include store management and assistant store management jobs. They also include shift leaders, area supervisors who are often considered as an intermediate between entry-level and supervisory posts. Managers are usually responsible for managing the store finances, marketing their new products and making critical worker decisions within the pizza shop. Papa murphy’s owners typically expect from managers to give higher production, more sales and a clean and decent environment within the store for customers.

Also, managers have to take care of new staff hirings, managing their salaries, maintaining a balance between income and expenses, reducing garbage and maintaining cleanliness within the stores. Typically, the qualification requirement for managers at Papa Murphy’s is a high school diploma with average grades, but having food certifications is a bonus.

Generally, shift supervisors at Papa Murphy’s get up to $9 – $10 per hour, where is assistant store managers are up to $11 – $12 per hour. Store managers at Papa Murphy’s have an average salary of approximately $30,000 to $35,000 per year. On the other hand, assistant store managers can earn up to approximately $20,000 to $25,000 per year.

Suggestions for Applying at Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s has a very clean and fair hiring process. They receive hundreds of applications for all their vacant positions. This is the reason that they want to hire the best candidate for the take and bake pizza company. Therefore, it is important to apply smartly to maximize your chances of employment at Papa Murphy’s. Following are some tips that should be considered before applying at Papa Murphy’s:

  • Check regularly for new job openings at talentreef.
  • You must have all documents such as College certificates or previous work experience.
  • Papa Murphy’s may also ask for some professional reference, so arrange one in advance.
  • You can either apply online or can submit a paper-based job application at a local store.
  • If applying online, fill out the form carefully and provide all mandatory information.
  • If applying through the paper-based application, write in clear understandable handwriting.
  • Write any old work experience even if you are applying for a crew member post.
  • Submit application well before the deadline and get yourself ready for an interview.
  • Usually Papa Murphy’s turn on-spot interviews.

Job Application Status

Papa Murphy’s hiring process is often not very complicated. Applicants should submit need hiring forms as soon as possible and well before the deadline. Usually Papa Murphy’s take on spot interviews for most positions. However, the hiring decisions are revealed at the end of the deadline for that specific job. Hence, overall Papa Murphy’s has a fast hiring process which normally takes a minimum of 3-4 days and a maximum of a two weeks. Interviews are usually taken by the store managers, who made notes for each candidate and discuss them store management. Final hiring decisions are made by owners with advice from store managers.

Papa Murphy’s Job Interview

Papa Murphy’s is an amazing take-and-bake Pizza Company and follows a conventional hiring process to select new employees. The most important part of the hiring process is the interview which acts as the fundamental criteria in shortlisting and selecting potential employees. There may be more than one interview at Papa Murphy’s. Mostly, entry-level jobs have one or a maximum of two interviews. However, managerial positions have usually more than three interviews. Therefore, it is important to understand papa Murphy’s interview process and follow some tips to increase your chances of selection.

Interviews are often conducted at Papa Murphy’s stores in a face-to-face format. The interview panel for entry-level jobs consists of two to three panellists; a store manager and a franchise owner. Whereas, management position candidates have to qualify various phone interviews to reach the stage of face to face final interviews.

Papa Murphys Job Interview Questions

The main objective of conducting an interview at Papa Murphy’s is to judge the candidate about their professional and personality skills as well as to know their availability. Therefore, an applicant can expect to get questions about his general life routine, previous work experience and future plans. Some frequent questions from Papa Murphy’s interviews are as follows:

  • What do you expect at Papa Murphy’s?
  • What Innovation can you bring to Papa Murphy’s?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • How big is your Social Circle & do you expect to make new friends at Papa Murphy’s?
  • What irritates you most about your friends?
  • Do you feel comfortable working in shifts at Papa Murphy’s?
  • How many hours can you work at Papa Murphy’s daily?

Tips for a Successful Interview at Papa Murphys

Papa Murphy’s is a professional take-and-bake pizza chain and always look for dedicated and hard-working employees. It is important for you to show your dedication and devotion for the company at the day of your interview to improve your chances of selection. You must consider following tips for successful interview:

  • Wear an informal dress.
  • Reach the interview location well before the time.
  • Give a gentle handshake to the interviewers.
  • Keep yourself engaged and involved during the complete interview time.
  • Listen carefully to the questions and answer accordingly.
  • You should try to give to the point answers.
  • Give examples from your past experience.
  • Maintain constant eye contact with the manager.
  • You should ask your concerns about working at Papa Murphy’s when you are given a chance.

Perks of working at Papa Murphy’s

The work environment at Papa Murphy’s is very open, positive, relaxed, cooperative and compassionate. There is a sense of humour and a joyful working environment at all Papa Murphy’s franchises. The company takes care of its human assets and give lot of benefits to all its employees. Papa Murphy’s workers enjoy perks such as paid training, free uniforms and significant food discounts at all Papa Murphy’s stores. Moreover, Papa Murphy’s employees get negotiable salaries, manageable working hours and plenty of paid vacations. Employees who spend more than 5 years at Papa Murphy’s become full-time employees and qualify for special benefits such as medical and dental entitlement, life Insurance and comprehensive retirement gratuity.

Papa Murphy’s Notable Humanity Projects

It is amongst the mission and vision statement of Papa Murphy’s to donate a significant part of their earnings and spent it for Humanity. Today, a large number of Papa Murphy’s franchises are running fundraising programs across the country. For example, a franchise owner in Northern California announced to donate a major portion from each sale to local cancer hospitals. Similarly, Papa Murphy’s franchise in Arizona declared a $5 discount on the purchase of family-size pizza at a condition to exchange new stuffed animals. Arizona Highway police distribute these collected stuffed animals among children who went through any traumatic situation. Papa Murphy’s head office keeps on sharing new and workable ideas with all these franchises on how to increase fundraising opportunities.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement to work at Papa Murphy’s?

An applicant should be at least 16 years of age to get a job at Papa Murphy’s. The take and bake pizza company has a strict age restriction for employment as per law and will never show age flexibility for any reason. Other specific hiring requirements may vary for different positions. Some common requirements for employment at Papa Murphy’s include good communication and personality skills.

What is hourly pay at Papa Murphy’s?

Salaries at Papa Murphy’s depend on the job position. Mostly entry-level employees get paid on an hourly basis. On average, a cook earns $8.5 per hour and a store manager earns $16.2 per hour. At Papa Murphy’s, a cook can make up to approximately $15,000 annually. And, an area supervisor can earn up to approximately $48,500 per year.

Is it possible to work at Papa Murphys at the age of 15?

No, papa Murphy’s don’t hire workers who are less than 16 years of age. They have a strict hiring policy and never compromise on age restriction for any reason. Although, young employees who are 16 years of age mostly have to work a lot of hours being a minor.

Does Papa Murphys pay every week?

The payment system at Papa Murphy’s is bi-weekly. They pay their employees twice a month, every two weeks. So it is a good idea to work as many hours as possible within the time of two weeks to made your good salary.

What is Shaker boarder at Papa Murphys?

Shaker boarder is the most fashionable job at Papa Murphy’s and is an ideal position for an active and friendly youngster who is willing to shake, wave and twirl to describe Papa Murphy’s pizzas. Shaker boarder also wears a very attractive uniform provided by Papa Murphy’s or may wear some other recommended costume in agreement with Papa Murphys dress code. Mostly they have to work in part-time shifts with each work shift of 3 to 4 hours including weekends.