Stride rite is an American business company which is actually a subpart of the larger foot manufacturing company, wolverine worldwide. They are experts in children’s footwear and Merchandise their product shoes and footwear in departmental stores, small businessman ad specialty markets as well as in their independent footwear stores.

This company was established in 1919 by two smart guys Jacob Philip Green and Jacob Slossberg. The company organized its first local store in 1972. The first name of this company was a “greenshoe manufacturing company” or it was simply termed as “greenshoe”.

Today stride rite company operates almost three 40 stores throughout the country. This is the reason that the company keeps on announcing a number of different employment opportunities for its various retail and distribution stores. The headquarters of stride company is situated in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Working at wolverine worldwide and particularly at a stride rite company is a great experience. Workers usually receive multiple discounts on purchasing from their Parent company stores. Sometimes they also receive entitlement to dental and medical treatment. Moreover, they receive Life Insurance, medical insurance, reimbursement for their children, product purchase plans, attractive retirement plans. Job eligibility requirements differ by position and location of the store.

Stride right is an exemplary place to work, particularly for those who love to work with kids. The workplace is pleasant, fun, prolific, and very comfortable. Here the workers enjoy large discounts, manageable working hours, and attractive promotions.

What is the General age requirement to work at stride rite?

In order to work at stride rite, the applicant must be 18 years or above. Otherwise, you cannot apply for stride rite employment. This age requirement is equally applicable for part-time and full-time jobs at stride rite. The normal working hours are from 10 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday, whereas, it is from 12:00noon to 5:00 pm on Sundays.

Perks of Careers at the Stride Rite

Stride rite company gives market competitive salaries to its employees, paid training programs, opportunities for promotions, and endless career developments. The company offer both internal promotions as well as outsource the experts for managerial positions. If you are interested to work at stride rite, you may start your career following available job positions:


Sales Associate

This is a beginner job at stride rite. This entry-level job prices of serving customers, keeping cash records, sizing of shoes on customer demand, making a check on inventory stocks, and company transactions. Moreover, a sales associate at stride rite is responsible for sustaining a healthy and welcoming environment in the store.

In order to get a sales associate job at stride rite, one needs to have communication and interpersonal skills as well as customer service skills and selling and marketing skills. Above all, the company want all the sale associates to be physically 100% fit they can move around quickly and be and on their feet throughout their duty shift.

Inventory Maintenance Clerk

This is behind the scene job. The job responsibility of inventory maintenance clerk includes unloading stock from delivery trucks and arranging shoes in the backroom in order. Also, fixing all the price tags on the shoe items, and be available for help with the co-workers when needed. The most important part of the inventory maintenance clerk job is to keep everything in order and maintain proper cleanliness in the stock room so that other employees can easily find the items as requested by the customer.

Key Holder

At stride rite stores, a key-holder is a person who opens and closes is the stores on time. He also helps other workers in completing their task on time and give excellent customer service to all the buyers. He is also responsible for maintaining all the paperwork of the store, allocating jobs duties to concerned employees, I am proposing alterations in the workplace to increase efficiency in-store services.

Administrative Assistant

This is a person who performs all the clerical works in the store including documentation, planning and scheduling, Communications, and maintaining all the bookkeeping. Moreover, his duties also include maintaining files, answering all the phone calls from customers, keeping records of all meeting minutes, sending and receiving meeting correspondences. He also spread any important information within the store and finally welcoming all the customers in a professional and friendly manner.

Assistant Manager

At the stride rite company, an assistant manager is a person who functions of the store manager and/or store supervisor. He is responsible for delivering professional training and monitoring employees as well as hiring new workers. He also makes shifts for the staff store to have a good number of available employees. The assistant manager also motivates the sales associate teams to meet the short term and long term sales targets and help them to meet the budget goals. There also for organizing daily tasks and exercises to improve overall marketing efficiency.

Store Supervisor

At stride rite company, store supervisor is a very important position. He is responsible for all staff-related concerns such as hiring new workers, training employees to achieve sales targets, and firing lazy and non Cooperative employees. Is also responsible for presenting timesheets, planning agendas, and evaluating the worker’s performance. Most importantly, the store supervisor at the stride rite company set weekly sales targets and suggest workable strategies for achieving the set goals. They also make sure that the workers are giving the best customer service to their valued customers.

Retail Systems Analyst

The major responsibility of the retail systems analyst is to establish, explain, configure, and assist all the locations that intend to improve the efficiency and potency of the business. Retail system analysts are involved in all the stages starting from initial blueprints to final testing and implementation stage.

Product Safety Analyst

It is a very important job position in the company whose main responsibility is to recognize, promote, and complete plans to diminish risks related to product security and protection. He is also responsible for conducting an accurate and careful analysis of customer feedback data and uses this feedback to improve business efficiency. He is also in charge of developing good relationships with suppliers to ensure safety objectives.

Financial Analyst

This is a key position in the stride rite company. He is the manager of financial analysis and planning for the company. The analyst also calculates and anticipate all expenses and resources in order to build capital budgeting. He also develops all the cost structures for ongoing and upcoming projects. Some other responsibilities include researching potential investment opportunities and giving solid recommendations to higher management to improve the business’s overall financial performance.

Merchandise Planner

This is a person who producers practical and efficient financial plans and Merchandise strategies in order to reduce expenditures and increase profit as a whole. He is also the main commodities to purchase on the basis of current market trends and past sales records. He also recommends new watches for promotion and pricing based on modern sales inclinations.

Stride Rite Job Application Procedure

Job applicants can visit their stride rite store to submit the job application personally. This can be really beneficial if you have a friendly, optimistic, and cheerful personality because the hiring team will definitely give you preference in the selection procedure.

Currently, the company is not offering online applications. However, due to the current pandemic of coronavirus, wolverine worldwide is accepting online job applications. Once you submitted all the required documents, should contact the management team after a minimum a week to check the status of your job application.

Job applicants may receive call letter through a phone call, by post or through email. If you have past experience in retail or customer service, you must include it in your employment form to increase your chances of employment.

There is no shortcut or alternative for an effective resume, therefore, a good resume will definitely play a vital role in your successful application. Don’t forget to use the recommended font style and size as recommended on the application form. Before you submit your application, make sure that you write all the required information. Also, make sure that all the provided information is accurate and up to date. Avoid grammatical or spelling mistakes, double-check on everything.

At the time of visiting the stride rite Store location, show your real interest and excitement in getting employment with the footwear company. A positive attitude will increase your chances of employment. Also, read some basic information about the company before visiting because relevant knowledge and commitment is what hiring managers are looking for.