In this post of Chegg promo codes, we shall discuss the topic of Chegg app.

Chegg app on Play Store or Apple Store

There are four types of Chegg apps available on the play store and Apple store (itunes store). It includes flash cards, Chegg study, Chegg eReader and Chegg tutors app.

Chegg Flashcards App

Chegg flashcards app is one of the best flashcard apps on the play store of Google and it is on top rank. The app is fast and free flash card maker which can help the students to learn rapidly and top the toughest classes. This tool is designed for high school and college students. Additionally, it is also for the tests of SAT, AGRE and ACT students who have been studying hard to get through.  There are several qualities that make it unique and topper in the list.

  • Make your own flashcards for Anatomy, Biology, Math, Spanish, SAT, ACT, AP and Chemistry etc.
  • If you do not want to create your own flash cards so download from which are designed by other students.
  • You can share your flashcards with your class fellows and friends and enable them to study together.
  • Free for everyone.
  • It can make flashcards in twenty two (22) languages with support for pronunciation and dialect including French, Latin, Spanish and German.
  • You can create a backup to study it on all iOS devices.


Chegg Study App

Chegg studdy app


Chegg study app will help you to ace your homework and you can get 24/7 expert help. In addition, you can also find the answers which you want to know. You can subscribe to Chegg study app by using your credit card by using your Google account. Additionally, it will also be renewed until you cancel it manually. You have to cancel it 24 hours before the subscriptions end.

Chegg eReader App


Chegg e Reader App

If you want to have a bird’s eye view of your lesson before you reach the class, so use Chegg eReader app to do that. After purchasing ebooks from Chegg, you can access to all those books at any time and anywhere by using Chegg app. You can also share your notes and highlights with your study group and friends with this Chegg eReader app.

Chegg Tutors App

Chegg Tutors app

We can also call it online tutoring app instead of Chegg Tutors app. You can download this Chegg app from Google play store and Apple play store in which you can search the tutors by subject. Additionally, you can chat with your tutors by using this app. You can also schedule your lessons on Chegg tutors app.

Chegg App for Mac

If you are looking for Chegg app for Mac, you do not need to worry about it because it is also available. You can use this app to search textbooks by title and ISBN numbers. So you can rent your books from iPhone and iPod touch, so make a good use of Chegg app for mac. Kindly share your experience with Chegg android apps in the comment section.