In this article of Chegg coupons, we shall discuss how to cancel chegg membership.

How to Cancel Chegg Membership

If you are looking for the answer to how to cancel chegg membership, we are here to tell you the procedure. Students usually find the answer to this question when they do not need Chegg study subscription and they want to pause it. Whether you are weekly Chegg subscriber or monthly Chegg subscriber, you can pause your subscription. In addition, it will always ready for you if you want to continue it when your classes start again. If you prefer cancellation rather than pause, you need to go through the process of signing up once again. Before making any decision, you need to think because you may need Chegg study subscription in the future. So follow these steps to pause your subscription.

Go to your My account page

  1. Click the Pause membershipbutton under Chegg Study in the Subscriptions section
  2. Choose how long you’d like to pause your membership—anywhere from one to six months
  3. Click the Pause membershipbutton

Note: if you are an annual Chegg study subscriber, you will not be able to pause your subscription.

Still want to know how to cancel Chegg subscription?

  1. Go to your My accountpage
  2. Click the Cancel membershiplink under Chegg Study in the Subscriptions section

After the cancellation of your Chegg Study subscription, you will have access to the remainder of your current billing period.

Note: when you cancel your subscription, they will not issue a refund automatically.

In addition, you can also buy Chegg subscription from Google Play store and iTunes

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you need to keep it in your mind that once you have bought a Chegg subscription from Google play tore or iTunes, you need to manage them using these applications.