Jiffy lube is one of the most expert car maintenance services available in the market. You have already taken your first step if you have decided to complete your routine car maintenance by jiffy lube. Undoubtedly, jiffy lube admires your love and care for your car. They will assure you that you get the best preventive maintenance work for your automobile. The company offers multiple services, therefore, feel free to search for all the available services and discover further about how to take care of your car in the best possible manner.

Automobile Services Offered by Jiffy Lube

  • Oil Change, Jiffy Lube’s Signature Service
  • Air Conditioner Service
  • Air Filtration Service
  • Brake Service
  • Battery Service
  • Cooling System Service
  • Drivetrain Service
  • Engine Service
  • Rideshare Directions
  • Tire Services
  • Fuel System Service
  • Windshield Services
  • Transmission Services

Jiffy Lube oil change is not just about replacing oil, but in reality, jiffy lube signature oil change service will perform a thorough examination of your car’s important fluids and components. The Company offers a variety of car Maintenance Services starting from filter changes, transmission services to battery service, and serpentine belt replacement. You can definitely trust jiffy lube to improve your car’s performance on the road. Above all, jiffy lube is situated at more than 120 locations throughout Southern California, therefore, you can easily find your nearest jiffy lube location.

Mostly, jiffy lube service centers are working as local franchises of the parent company. You will find all the staff members and working labors offering quality products and top-notch services. They will treat you as your neighbor not just as a customer.


1. Jiffy Lube Loop Signature Oil Change Service

Motor oil is an essential part of an automobile engine, it lubricates all the moving parts inside the car engine add help it itself cool, clean and protected. Therefore, keep an eye on the vehicle’s motor oil as recommended by your power manufacturer and go for an oil change as earliest as possible when required.

You will find something extra at jiffy Lube oil change services, it is totally different from a conventional oil change. Either it is high mileage, conventional oil, synthetic blend, or completely synthetic oil, jiffy Lube signature oil change service is a complete preventive maintenance package. Automobile experts at jiffy lube will check, change, examine, and fulfill all the essential operations and segments of your vehicle. Moreover, the service team will vacuum all the inside cabin of your vehicle add will clean all the windows from outside.

Unlike other oil change services, jiffy lube will not forget your vehicle even between the oil changes and offer a lot of complimentary fluid top-off services. Therefore, you will receive complimentary fluid top-off service for important Fluids of your vehicle such as motor oil, power steering oil, transmission oil, and differential transfer case oil and washer fluids. So it is up to you that within 3000 miles of your service mileage, you can stop at jiffy lube any time and receive top off complementary fluid services, as required.

Jiffy Lube signature oil change service includes,

  • Quality motor oil change up to 5 quarts.
  • Oil filter change.
  • Exterior Windows cleaning.
  • Interior cleaning and vacuuming floors.
  • Inspection of brake fluid level.
  • Examination of serpentine belts.
  • Checking of antifreeze coolant levels.
  • Inspection of chassis lubricant, if required.
  • Exterior lights examination.
  • Inspection of engine air filtration system.
  • Tyre air pressure test.
  • Inspection of battery water.
  • Examination of Transmission transaxle fluid.
  • Inspection of power steering fluid.
  • Refilling of differential oil.
  • Examination of power steering and transfer case fluid.

2. Jiffy Lube AC Drainage and Recharge Service

Pep Boys AC system Inspection

The purpose of the air conditioner in the vehicle is to eliminate the heat and moisture from the cabin of the vehicle. Mainly air conditioner in the automobile is energized by a belt while the compressor compressors the coolant refrigerant to make a certain pressure and then Pump it through the AC fan. During this process, the refrigerant is forced through a valve where temperature and pressure are reduced to a certain level. As a result, the coolant refrigerant most through the evaporator in the passenger cabin of the vehicle. Ultimately, refreshing and cool air is thrown into the interior of your vehicle. Later on, this cooling refrigerant revert to the compressor and the entire process begins once again.

Jiffy Lube AC evacuation and recharge service include;

  • Visual inspection for the breaks or deterioration of the AC compressor drive belt.
  • Visual examination for leaks or damage of all the accessible components.
  • Inspection of the overall operation of the AC compressor and other components.
  • Vacuum analysis for the entire system.
  • Evacuation of refrigerant coolant from the system.
  • Refilling of the AC system with suitable refrigerant coolant as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer instructions.

3. Serpentine Belt Replacement

Bad serpentine belt symptoms & replacement cost

The major power from the engine is transferred to your vehicle’s various components through the serpentine belt. It includes almost all the important components such as the generator, power steering pump, water pump, and the AC compressor. The cost of serpentine belt replacement is pretty expensive at Jiffy Lube though.

Jiffy Lube Technicians will perform the following tasks for serpentine belt replacement:

  • Visual inspection of the serpentine belt.
  • Removal of bad serpentine belt and installation of a new belt.

4. Jiffy Lube Engine Air Filter Replacement

pep boys air filter replacement services

Air is an important part of the automobile engine because it helps in the combustion process. As a result, there is a high chance that the engine will also attract dirt particles. Now there is an engine air filter that catches all the Airborne contaminants such as dust and dirt particles, and even small bugs before they can penetrate into the engine. It is very important to have a clean and Spotless air filter because otherwise dirty and clogged engine air filters can reduce overall engine performance.

In the engine air filter service, the old filter is removed and examined. If it is found that E and jammed, new and clean air filter is installed.

5. Passenger Cabin Air Filter Replacement

pep boys cabin air filter replacement service

Nowadays, almost all automobiles have a climate control system installed within their air conditioning system. I made control also include a filter that ensures that no dust, mold spores, or pollen particles enter the passenger cabin and interrupt the passenger’s breath. Therefore, at Jiffy Lube, the passenger cabin filter is visually examined and replaced with a new one, if required.

6. Battery Services At The Jiffy Lube

The battery is a very essential part of any vehicle. It supplies electrical power to the vehicle starter as well as other electrical parts of the vehicle in order to start the engine. As soon as the engine starts moving, the alternator and thus the charging system takes control to provide electric power to various systems of the vehicle. Battery cable terminals are used to connect the battery to the electrical system of the car. Timely battery Maintenance Services will help your vehicle’s engine start with stability. Luckily, the Jiffy Lube service and maintenance center offers a complete range of battery maintenance and preventive services.

How does Jiffy Lube battery maintenance service work?

pep boys car battery service

Jiffy Lube’s battery maintenance service includes cable replacement, battery terminal checking, and cleaning and tightening all the connections. It is very essential to keep a regular vehicle battery maintenance check because it will increase the battery life. And as a result, a healthy battery will keep your vehicle alive with all components ticking, honking, blinking add glowing even in the rigorous weather.

How does Jiffy Lube battery replacement service work?

If you have got a dead battery, you can rely on the Jiffy Lube battery replacement service which includes battery inspection, replacement, and dumping of your used battery. However, Jiffy Lube, recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendations for service intervals and maintenance schedules.

When should I replace my car battery?

pep boys car battery installation service

Normally a conventional battery usually performs well for a period of three to five years. After that, it demands replacement. One normal check is that a battery should be replaced when it no longer satisfies the manufacturer’s performance requirements.

It is also important to note that all the Jiffy Lube locations and do not offer all the above services, therefore, you should check with the local Jiffy Lube service center before your visit.

Battery Diagnostic services at Jiffy Lube includes;

  • Inspection of cranking amperes capacity of the battery using the latest testing equipment.
  • Examination of the electrical draw of the starter.
  • Examination of the generator’s electrical output.
  • Visual inspection of battery cable terminals.
  • Testing the removal of cable terminals from battery.
  • Scrubbing the cable terminals and battery posts.
  • Making reconnections of battery terminals to the battery.
  • Spraying battery posts and cable terminals with a protective spray.
  • If required, replacing the old battery with a new one.

7. Brake Services at the Jiffy Lube

At Jiffy Lube, you will find very satisfactory brake inspection and replacement services. Starting from brake pads to brake oil, Jiffy Lube offers all the brake services to make your stopping energy reliable and responsive. A good braking system is also important to get you back on the road with confidence once you stop.

Jiffy Lube has highly trained technicians and professionals who know everything about your vehicle’s Braking System. Either it is drum brakes or disc brakes, rotors or calipers or pads and shoes, the technicians have training brake inspection and placement for almost all the vehicle models and makes. They can also perform equally well on the ABS or Braking system or Anti-Lock Braking System.

pep boys brake system inspection

How does the Jiffy Lube brake inspection service works?

At Jiffy Lube, the expert technicians will start from the visual examination of your vehicle’s Braking System and will measure the braking pads. They will also provide a detailed written assessment of any necessary service recommendations best on your vehicle manufacturer’s specification requirement. It also depends upon the condition of any components in the braking system that influence overall system performance.

Actually, when you press your braking system’s pedal, the brake fluid or hydraulic fluid pressurized through the master cylinder. This fluid moves through the braking lines towards the cylinders positioned next to the brakes on each wheel. Generally, there are two types of braking systems, disc brakes or drum brakes.

  • Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are the most typical type of Braking System. It consists of a rotor or a disk, a pad, and a caliper. When you press the brake pedal, the hydraulic fluid move along the brake lines which in turn cause the caliper to apply Force to the pad against the disc. Therefore, friction is produced when the pad is pressed against the disc, causing your car to slow down.

  • Drum Brakes

On the other hand, drum brakes comprise brake shoes and brake drums. When you press the brake pedal, the cylinder applies force to the brake shoes along the brake lining towards the inner surface of the brake drum. This phenomenon causes friction and slows down the vehicle.

How often you should perform the Braking System service?

If you experience stops for abnormal sounds from your vehicle, there might be a problem with your vehicle’s Braking System. It is, therefore, a good idea to have brakes examined as soon as possible. Otherwise, on a normal routine, it is recommended to have your Braking System checked about once or twice a year, depending upon your car’s manufacturer specifications.

Jiffy Lube brake inspection service includes;

Pep Boys Brake Fluid Exchange Service Package

  • Brake pad measurement and examination.
  • Investigation of brake disc for damage and corrosion.
  • Checking of hard metal brake lines for cracking and rust.
  • Investigation of rubber lines to be soft and flexible.
  • Replacement or connections of brake rotors, hardware, hoses, drums, calipers and master brake cylinders.
  • Cleaning of drums and rotors if required.
  • Adjusting and cleaning of parking brakes and drum brakes.
  • Flushing brake oil and elimination of air particles from brake lines.
  • ABS brake repair and diagnostics.

a. Brake Replacement Service at the Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube offers all the vehicle Braking System services. Either you require braking pads, rotors, shoes, or drums, you will find everything at the Jiffy Lube store. They will help your vehicle to regain Braking System up to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Jiffy Lube technicians will first perform a Braking System inspection. Then on the basis of inspection results, technicians will either replace or repair the Braking System based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

b. Brake Oil Replacement Service at the Jiffy Lube

Brake oil is are a fundamental part of the Braking System which transport force with pressure to create necessary braking power to stop your vehicle. After some time, this fluid becomes contaminated with moisture the contaminants add severely affect the performance of the Braking System.

Visiting Jiffy Lube for brake oil exchange keeps your vehicle’s Braking System work smoothly and safely. This service will include a visual examination of the Braking System, replacing old fluid with a new one according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It also includes the appropriate disposal of used brake oil.

For this purpose, Jiffy Lube’s technicians will first perform a visual inspection and then drain and properly dispose of the used brake oil to replace it with a new one, which meets the vehicle’s requirements.

Normally, brake oil should be replaced as diagnosed by the Jiffy Lube’s brake expert team on the basis of brake oil test results. It also depends on the vehicle manufacturer’s brake oil specifications.

8. Fuel System Service at the Jiffy Lube

If you find your vehicle run sluggishly or the acceleration, it is a time for the fuel system cleaning. The dirty or blocked fuel system will severely decrease the efficiency and performance of your car. Jiffy Lube is trained to clean the fuel system of your car with the latest tools and materials. They will also replace the old fuel filter with a new one if required.

a. Fuel Filter Replacement Service

pep boys fuel filter replacement service

The fuel filter is situated on the path that carries fuel from the tank to the engine. It is the responsibility of the filter to remove all the particles and contaminants so that the fuel flow to the engine without any obstacle. A clean and new filter can improve the engine’s performance. At Jiffy Lube, during the filter service old fuel filter is removed and is a new filter in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

b. Fuel System Cleaning Service

When your car moves on then after sometime dust and particles accumulate in crucial areas of the fuel system. As a result, fuel economy degrades, lack of power occurs and other drivability issues arise. However, regular fuel system cleaning maintains good overall engine performance. Jiffy Lube service centers have the latest equipment and multi-step cleaners that can easily remove all the deposits from your vehicle’s fuel system, combustion chamber, and injectors.

9. Cooling System Services at the Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube offers the following two cooling system services:

  • Radiator coolant/anti-freeze service
  • Cooling system flush and fill service

a. Radiator coolant/anti-freeze service

bad radiator symptoms

Coolant circulates throughout the engine and radiator in an appropriately working engine. This coolant help to reduce the heat levels, grease the water pump, and protect it against corrosion. The cooling system also provides proper heat to the passenger cabin.

If the cooling system of your car is not functioning properly, engine temperature can go too hot to possibly damage itself. However, if the cooling system of your engine is working properly, it can definitely improve the performance of your vehicle’s engine.

Jiffy Lube removes old engine coolant or antifreeze and replaces it with a new one based on your manufacturer’s specifications and test results. They also properly dispose of the used engine coolant.

You must keep an eye on the engine coolant and check it on regular intervals particularly in summers, and change it according to the test result or manufacturer’s recommendations. This will help to avoid overheating, premature cooling-system corrosion and freezing.

b. Cooling system flush and fill service

Overheating is seriously dangerous for your vehicle’s engine. A coolant flush and fill service on periodic intervals can avoid overheating premature cooling-system corrosion and freezing. At Jiffy Lube, the antifreeze service starts with the investigation of your car’s engine and radiator cooling system. In the next step, the previous antifreeze coolant is removed from the radiator and replaced with a new antifreeze coolant according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

10. Tire Services at the Jiffy Lube

The only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road tires. So, proper inflation is very important, whether they are new tires or old ones. Hence, Jiffy Lube offers a complete variety of tire services.

If your car’s tires have a suitable amount of air pressure means that your automobile is making an optimal connection with the road. Appropriately inflated tires increase tire life and help in getting the best fuel economy. Jiffy Lube offers the following tire services:

  • Tire installation service
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) services
  • Tire repair service
  • Tire replacement service
  • Tyre rotation service
  • Wheel/Vehicle alignment service
  • Wheel balancing service

a. Tyre Installation Service

Visit your nearest Jiffy Lube service center for quick and handy tire installation. You will find Jiffy Lube’s technicians very professional who installs and balances new tires in accordance with your manufacturer’s tire instructions.

b. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Service

Pep Boys Tire Pressure Monitoring System/TPMS Services

TPSM or tire pressure monitoring system is an intelligent electronic system your vehicle that watches over the air pressure in your tires. This intelligence system will inform you in case your tire is over-inflated or under-inflated with the help of light indication on your dashboard.

If you find your TPSM light on, visit your nearest Jiffy Lube service center as early as possible. Jiffy Lube’s expert tire team will examine and will reset or repair your TPSM, as required.

c. Flat Tire Repair Service

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a flat tire because is it really slows you down. But you don’t need to worry since Jiffy Lube has very trained professionals who have all the knowledge about repairing a flat tire. They can easily mark where the hole or leak is and know how to repair it up and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. You should get your flat tire repaired promptly or otherwise, it can become even bigger trouble.

If your dashboard’s TPMS light is on, it might be a small leak or something more serious, bring your car straight to the Jiffy Lube and let their trained professionals take a look at it. There can be plenty of reasons why TPMS light is on, it might be faulty tire valve needs repairing/ replacing. It might be that your tire needs a plug or patch.

In either case, driving with an under-inflated tire can lead to a serious loss to your car’s fuel economy and the damage may become non-repairable. Moreover, driving with a completely punctured tire may lead to wheel damage which will ultimately cost a lot more than simple tire repair. Therefore, never take flat tire easy, and get the roadside assistance or replace your tire with a spare tire as earliest as possible.

How does Jiffy Lube do the Flat Tyre Repair Service?

Pep Boys Flat Tire Repair Service

At Jiffy Lube, it’s not only flat tire repair but it’s a full-range service. The technicians are trained with the tire repair. At first, they decide whether the tire is repairable or not. They will inspect for any damage structural deterioration to the tire add a check for all the previous repairs.

In the next step, they will put a patch or plug into place to fix the problem and completely filled the tire in accordance with the industry standards. Now they will inflate your car’s tire up to the manufacturer’s specifications, also written on your driver’s side door jamb. Finally, the technicians will balance the wheel and tire to share the weight equally on the wheel for a smooth drive and place it back onto your car.

d. Tires Replacement Service

Tires are the most crucial junction between your car and the road. They provide traction, handling, and stopping in all climatic conditions. Tires replacement before they wore out increases vehicle performance, safety, fuel economy and drive quality.

If your car needs tire replacement, Jiffy Lube is at your service. Jiffy Lube expert technicians will check your tire’s physical condition, any possible damage, and appropriate inflation based on the manufacturer’s specifications. They will then recommend replacement if your tires are near least industry criteria for treadwear or are considered risky.

When should I replace my tires?

You should regularly check your tires. It is generally a good idea to replace your tires when the tread reaches a risky depth as defined by industry standards. Or otherwise, if the tires are damaged and safe repair is not possible.

e. Tire Rotation Service

Pep Boys Tire Rotation Service

It is a general perception that if you get your tires rotated in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommended periods then your tires tend to wear more smoothly. This is because rotation will keep good traction and tread depth which in turn helps your tires to grip the road nicely. It will particularly help your driving in severe weather conditions. It is a custom at the Jiffy Lube that they follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation to make sure that your tires wear smoothly and improve your driving experience.

In case you have front-wheel driven vehicle so the front wheels get power from the engine and therefore wear faster as compared to rear wheels. Similarly, rear-wheel will wear faster for rear-wheel driven car. This makes irregular tread wear on either front or rear wheels. This may also affect wheel warranty from the tire manufacturers. Therefore, bring your car to the nearest Jiffy Lube to get the best tire rotation service.

At the Jiffy Lube, the technicians will rotate your tires from left to right or from front to back based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. They will check for the reasons for uneven wear. It may be because of improper inflation or non-alignment of suspension parts. After that they will recommend suitable services to sort out the problem. Tire rotation service also includes complimentary tire inflation and pressure check to help you get the most life out of your tires.

How often should I rotate tires on my car?

Most tire manufacturers recommended that it is a good idea to get your tires rotated between 5000 and 8000 miles.

f. Wheel/Vehicle Alignment Service

ep Boys Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment adjusting the angles of the wheels in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. These modifications in wheels angles are to make sure straight vehicle tracking, reduce the tire wear, and to match the manufacturer’s handling requirements. The following three angles are adjusted and measured in wheel alignment;

  • Camber Angle
  • Caster Angle
  • Toe Angle

Camber Angle: It is the measure in degrees between the separation of wheels’ vertical alignment to the road surface.

Caster Angle: It is the angle made by the sharing axis point from the front to the rear of the vehicle.

Toe Angle: It is the angle that describes the angle made from looking at the tires inward or outward from a top-down view.

Jiffy Lube the latest wheel alignment equipment, uses of alignment machine to check your car’s present alignment. And then make necessary adjustments to retrieve your vehicle to the appropriate alignment specifications. The company will make sure that your vehicle is moving exactly straight and narrow which will increase your handling, comfort, and Tyres life.

Wheel angle measurements are made which show that weather vehicle is within the alignment context as specified by your vehicle manufacturer or not. Jiffy Lube technician’s team will also give you are written summary of the results and recommend wheel alignment services according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

g. Wheel Balancing Service

Pep Boys Tire Balancing Service

With the passage of time, your tires wear and the weight divisions may change. This can alter the balance of the wheels. If the wheels are out of balance, they may produce regular vibrations or bounce noticeably when the vehicle is on the road. On the other hand, if your vehicle is balanced, it will give you an optimal ride and will increase the life of your tires.

At Jiffy Lube, the technicians will first remove all the four wheels and will perform their thorough inspection. They will then spin-balance them by attaching weights and taking the balance back within the specifications. This will improve tire performance and will give you a smooth drive experience.

11. Drivetrain Services at the Jiffy Lube

And appropriately working drivetrain gives power to the wheels from the engine to keep your vehicle running on the road and get you at your destination on time. It is simple but very important. That’s why Jiffy Lube offers drivetrain services for all kinds of vehicles including two wheels, four-wheels, and all-wheel (AWD) type vehicles. If you have got a good drivetrain service, it will help your vehicle to run stronger and move repair free as long as possible.

The drive train normally consists of three segments, which need oil replacement at different times. Following are the three drivetrain components:

  1. The differential
  2. The transfer case (for four wheels and all wheels driven vehicles)
  3. The transmission

At the Jiffy Lube service center, expert technicians are trained to tell you when you need to replace components in different drive components in your car.

a. Differential Service

There is a special gearbox situated between the drive use of your vehicle, known as the differential. The drive wheel to turn at various speeds, as they should when turning around a corner. The differential operates with transmission to transfer from engine to the axle that turns the wheels.

With the passage of time, high temperatures in the engine can cause the lubricating oil in the differential box to breakdown. This will create a sticky composition that does not suitably lubricate the gears. Replacement of this oil can help you to prevent premature wear on the gearbox in the differential. This can also help in the prevention of wear on drive wheel tires.

At the Jiffy Lube service center, old differential fluid will be removed. Will be replaced with new lubricating oil based on your car manufacturer’s specifications.

b. Transfer Case Service

A specific gearbox found only in four-wheel and all-wheel driven vehicles are known as a transfer case. The possibility is to transfer the powerful engine to the front and rear wheel axles. In the case of all-wheel-drive vehicles, the transfer case power one axle to another, depending upon traction requirements. Lubricating oil in the transfer case keeps its gear’s temperature down and turn them smoothly. Replacement of this fluid at specific time intervals can help to avoid premature wear and deterioration caused by fluted or broken-down oil.

At the Jiffy Lube service center, old transfer case oil will be drained and replaced with a new one that meets the manufacturer’s specifications. This will optimize the performance of your 4×4’s transfer case and also increase its lifetime.

12. Transmission Services at the Jiffy Lube

Transmission fluid lubricates, clean and cool all the inner transition parts. But over the passage of time, additives in the oil can exhaust and it is recommended to be replaced after certain intervals. Therefore, transmission fluid and filter replacement accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation help in the preservation after transmission and retain your vehicle’s warranty.

pep boys Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement

Either your vehicle is the manual transmission or automatic, the technicians at the Jiffy Lube can assist you in determining if transmission oil replacement is necessary or not.

Jiffy Lube offers the following four translation services;

  • Automatic transmission drain and fill
  • Automatic transmission fluid exchange and filter replacement
  • Automatic transmission filter replacement
  • Manual transmission service

In this process, automatic transmission oil lubricates, clean and cool all internal components of the transmission. It also helps in managing the hydraulic pressure required for the transmission process to function. The additives in the transmission oil get exhausted over time.

a. Automatic transmission drain and fill service include;

  • Removal of transmission oil, drain plug & transmission fill
  • Installation of drain plug and transmission fill
  • Refilling of new automatic transmission oil to the appropriate level.

b. Automatic transmission filter replacement

This filter helps in the removal of dirt and contaminants from the automatic transmission fluid. Its service includes the following:

  • Removal of the transmission pan
  • Removal of the old transmission filter
  • Replacement with a new transmission filter
  • Removal of old gasket stuff
  • Replacement with new gasket and reinstallation of the pan
  • Refilling of the transmission system with new automatic transmission oil to the appropriate level.

c. Manual transmission service

A transmission is a power and speed changing device situated between the driving wheels and the engine of a vehicle. It provides the mechanism for altering the ratio between driving wheel RPM and engine RPM to match each specific driving situation.

Manual transmission oil provides necessary lubrication to the gears, shafts, bearings other internal components. Friction, pressure and heat slowly decompose the additives in the manual transmission fluid. Moreover, small bits of the metal may get off the gears as they consume, which in turn mix with the fluid. Water may also contaminate the fluid.

This service includes the following:

  • Removal of old manual transmission oil
  • Refilling the manual transmission oil according to the manufacturer’s instructed type and quantity.

13. Windshield Services at the Jiffy Lube

pep boys windshield wiper replacement

One of the essential needs for driving is to well maintain windshields and windshield wiper blades. The driver must clearly see the road ahead. It may be easy to see the road on a sunny day but it becomes more important at night or in bad weather conditions.

Jiffy Lube will make proper inspection for the windshield wipers and the windows feel so that you feel satisfied and relaxed on the road.

a. Windshield repair

Clear vision is essential when you are on the road. Jiffy Lube windshield repair service includes repairing all the minor and major chips and cracks in your windshield. Expert technicians insert a polymer onto the damaged area to repair the windshield.

It is very important to repair the small damage on your windshield as soon as possible. Because if ignored, may spread across the windshield which will then require more expensive replacement.

b. Wiper blade Replacement

With the passage of time, rubber material in your windshield wiper blade demolishes due to Environmental effects such as oxidation or damage from sun rays. This will make the wiper brittle and stiff. The wiper rubber also wears out from rubbing back and forth across the glass. As a result, the damaged windshield wiper blurry spots and streaks, severely damage your ability to see the road.

Jiffy Lube offers wiper blade replacement service at almost all the service centers. Moreover, all the Jiffy Lube signature oil change services include complimentary windshield wiper blade inspection and inspection of washer fluid level.