Papa Murphy’s is a take and bake pizza franchise is started in 1980 out of Oregon. The concept introduced by Papa Murphy’s was really appreciated all around the country. The most obvious reason for this affection towards Papa Murphy’s was the elimination of “eating cold pizza” mess. Now everyone was easily able to enjoy hot and delicious pizzas at parties or events. You only need to order an uncooked pizza and bake it yourself in your oven at home.

Why Papa Murphys?

It is a tradition at Papa Murphy’s to essentially create your pizza in their stores according to your demand. You then take the pizza to your home and bake in your own oven. Baking it in the oven for only 15-20 minutes at medium temperature make the pizza ready and hot and fresh.

1. Fresh Ingredients for Pizza Toppings

Papa Murphys use only the freshest ingredients on all of their pizza toppings, their cheese is whole milk mozzarella. They also do a lot of topping cheese which is a cheddar and provolone mixture, mostly a smoked provolone. All of their vegetables come in a whole bulk quantity similar that one buy them in a grocery store.

2. Everything is Prepared In-house

Papa Murphys chop everything in-house and slice it or dice it for the pizza toppings including roma tomatoes zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions. They also offer premium vegetables like sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke and fresh spinach.

3. Delicious Premium Toppings

At Papa Murphys, you will have Premium toppings like Angus steak and Fennel Sausage. Moreover, traditional Canadian Bacon Samali and ground beef are also available. The company selects the best meats to ensure that the customer gets the best pepperoni and the best sausage.

4. In-house Dough Preparation

Papa Murphy’s dough is really unique. They make the dough in-house every day to ensure a very fresh pizza crust. At Papa Murphys customers have the choice to select for a thin crust, regular crust or a pan crust.

5. Easy to Place an Order at Papa Murphys

Customers can also call it in to order or can simply go to online in order at papa murphy’ and then when you come in it’s already ready and you can just grab it and go.

What Makes Papa Murphys Most Unique?

Unlike other Pizza companies, at Papa Murphys stores consumers have the access and freedom to watch their pizza being made right in front of them. They can witness the pizza-making process with all the best ingredients and high-quality toppings. One really gets to the opportunity at Papa Murphys to make and create his own pizza which is unique and what exactly he wants his family to eat.

Above all, what’s so great about Papa Murphys is that you don’t have to wait for ready-to-eat food delivery. Also, you don’t have to eat a cold pizza, however, it is easy that when everyone is there and ready at home, you just have to bake it at yourself.

What’s great about Papa Murphys is easy-to-cook pizzas for busy and working families. One only has to grab the pizza get home to put it in the fridge. When the whole family gathers after work and school, you can get that pizza in the oven and 15 minutes later it’s ready. What a wonderful experience to sit with the family and have a hot and yummy meal together.