As the 5th largest pizza chain in the country, Papa Murphy’s has revolutionized the take-home pizza industry in a concept known as take-and-bake. Pizzas are prepared in-stores and then baked at home by customers. The Vancouver Washington based company offers custom pizzas featuring toppings and pizza dough prepared fresh each morning in every store.

Papa Murphy’s allow the consumer to bake their pizza in their own oven. It eliminates all the mess of the cooking in their own kitchen. At the same time ensuring an absolute perfect pizza every time out of their oven. The pizza is hot and fresh, never cold, never late, always ready and convenient whenever they want.

Currently, Papa Murphy’s operates over 1,300 locations throughout North America. The company is a four-time recipient of Pizza today’s chain-of-the-Year award. It was also voted the number one pizza chain in Zagat’s 2010, 2011 fast food surveys.

Why Papa Murphy’s is a great franchising opportunity?

Two things make Papa Murphy’s a great franchising opportunity. The first is the incredibly high consumer attribute scores that the company sees when they do restaurant industry research. In fact, Papa Murphy’s had the highest overall satisfaction score of any limited-service restaurant serving any kind of meal, not just pizza. The second factor is the relatively low cost to develop a Papa Murphy’s restaurant. The following are the key parameters that define why Papa Murphys is an excellent investment opportunity.

1. Low Initial Investment Required

The ‘take-and-bake’ concept offers a simple operation as the hassles of cooking, dining and delivery are eliminated. In addition, less investment is required then competing for restaurants due to the limited space and equipment needed. Papa Murphy’s is a recession-resistant business because they offer high-quality meal solutions at very affordable prices. Based on a satisfaction survey of chain owners, Papa Murphy’s has made the list of franchise business reviews top food franchises for three consecutive years

2. Less Failure Rate of Papa Murphys Franchises

Over the last decade, Papa Murphys have had a very low closure rate which offers great comfort to banks and investors. The company even takes an active role in assisting owners with obtaining financing.

3. Exceptional Papa Murphy’s Financing Programs

Papa Murphy’s has great financing programs for you. It has a dedicated team of people to help you work through their preferred lender list and innovative new financing programs to get you the best rates quickly and easily. The only major goal is to help the new franchisees getting their store open as soon as they can.

4. Papa Murphys Incredible Support for the Franchisees

The company provides marketing support and guidance, annual reviews, regular visits and training and assistance with supply chain and quality assurance. Papa Murphy’s brand has found a nice spot in this economy. The company is all about value giving a customer a high-quality meal at a very affordable price. It’s a great time to be a part of Papa Murphy’s as we continue to grow as the largest taken baked pizza player.

5. Excellent Papa Murphys Franchisees Training Program

The pizza chain offers franchisees a comprehensive training program that generally lasts four to five weeks. The program is divided between a Papa Murphy’s certified training store and the company’s Vancouver office.

“13 years ago when I became an official Papa Murphy’s franchisee, I knew very little about taking bake industry and specifically pizza. However, with their outstanding training program, I was able to grasp all the nuances of this unique category which enabled me to be successful quite quickly. It takes a lot of hard work, effort, commitment, dedication to be successful here at Papa Murphy’s”, said Doug Miller, a franchisee at Papa Murphys International LLC.


Frequently Asked Questions about Papa Murphy’s Franchise

How to select a Papa Murphys Franchise Location?

When selecting future locations franchisees must submit a comprehensive package to Papa Murphy’s real estate team for approval. Team members will visit the site before answering back within seven to thirty days.

Is the restaurant experience required to open a Papa Murphys Franchise?

Papa Murphy’s owners come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. Restaurant experience is not required, however, if you do plan to open multiple stores in the early years of your business, the company does encourage restaurant experience. Currently, each franchisee at Papa Murphys owns on average two to three stores.

Does Papa Murphys accept EBT Food Stamps?

Yes, similar to many other Take n Bake pizza companies, Papa Murphys also accept EBT or food stamps in all of their stores. In many states, they don’t even charge sales tax. Actually Papa Murphy’s and not be counted as a restaurant since one has to take the uncooked food and prepare it yourself at your home.