Are you preparing for the household move? The first thing to consider is nothing else and then selecting the right size Uhaul moving truck. Luckily, the Uhaul truck rental company offer a variety of truck sizes, making your life easy. But at the same time, this is numerous selections make it difficult for you sometimes to pick the right size moving truck for your needs.

This article has covered almost all the truck rental sizes and key parameters to decide the correct truck size. The main focus of this article is to cover all the truck sizes which are mainly offered by Uhaul truck rental company. We wish you all the best for your next moving truck adventure and your moving truck selection decision.

Uhaul Truck Sizes

The Uhaul moving truck rental company offer the following truck sizes:

  • 8 feet pickup trucks.
  • Moving cargo vans.
  • 10 feet truck.
  • 15 feet truck.
  • 17 feet truck.
  • 20 feet truck.
  • 26 feet truck.

Now we will explain one by one each category of the truck available at the Uhaul.

1. 8 feet pickup truck

The pickup trucks available at the Uhaul are mostly popular among the students who want to move from their location into Studio apartment for college Dorm rooms. This I struck is a very handy choice for moving medium-sized twin bed and various medium size boxes. Mostly 8 feet pickup truck at the Uhaul start from $19.95. Some important notable characteristics of UHaul pick up 8 feet truck are listed below:

  • It has a volume of 76 cubic feet.
  • 1897 lbs maximum load capacity.
  • Gross vehicle weight is a maximum of 6600 lbs.
  • The empty weight of the vehicle is 4703 lbs.
  • The towing capacity of 8 feet pickup truck is up to 6900 lbs.
  • Big interior dimensions wrt LxWxH as 7’10” x 5’2″ x 1’9″.
  • Handy 19 miles per gallon gas mileage.
  • Mostly, UHaul pickup trucks have automatic transmission.
  • All 8 feet pickup trucks have an air conditioning facility.
  • The seating capacity is enough for 3 adults.

2. UHaul Cargo Van

These are popular categories of moving trucks for many categories of people. It can be a convenient choice for anyone who wants to move to a college Dorm room or small Studio apartment. Each u haul cargo when has a capacity of holding a large queen size mattress along with its box spring. The UHaul company claim that coronavirus has better fuel efficiency if you are planning for a local move. Similar to the pickup trucks, the Cargo pants also start at $19.95. Below are listed some of the important characteristics of the UHaul cargo van:

  • It has a volume of 245 cubic feet.
  • Maximum loading capacity of 3880 lbs.
  • Maximum gross vehicle weight can be 550 lbs.
  • Empty Vehicle weight is approximately 4667 lbs.
  • Convenient interior dimensions of 9’6″ x 5’7″ x 4’8″ wrt LxWxH.
  • Uhaul cargo when has 18 miles per gallon mileage.
  • Spacious seating capacity for 2 adults.
  • Cargo vans have automatic transmission.
  • Very effective air conditioning system.
  • Equipped with cruise control option.
  • Very gentle and soft ride suspension.
  • Highly fuel-efficient V6 Engine.

3. UHaul 10 Feet Truck

One of the most popular rental truck options available at the UHaul company is 10 feet moving truck. It is very famous among singles, students, and couples who want to move to a single or two-bedroom house. The company claim that all the 10 feet moving trucks available at the UHaul have very effective loading dock which make the furniture and heavy box is loading very easy and convenient. Below are in listed some of the very popular and not able characteristics of 10 feet moving truck at the UHaul:

  • 402 cubic feet volume.
  • 2850 lbs of maximum loading capacity.
  • 8600 LBS of maximum gross vehicle weight.
  • Empty 10 feet truck weight is approximately 5790 pounds.
  • It has a towing capacity of up to 6000 pounds.
  • Very spacious inside dimensions of 9’11” x 6’4″ x 6’2″ wrt LxWxH.
  • Highly Effective mileage of 12 miles per gallon.
  • Vehicles are equipped with a fuel economy gauge.
  • Consist of safety precautions such as driver-side airbags.
  • Having seating capacity for 2 adults.
  • Extremely efficient vehicle.
  • Consist of automatic transmission.
  • Equipped with a highly Powerful air conditioner system.
  • The truck has a very soft and gentle ride suspension capability.

4. UHaul 15 feet Truck

The 15 feet truck at the UHaul rental truck company can be categorized as the second smallest box available. It is a very famous choice for those people who want to move to a one or two-bedroom house. Unlike other rental truck options available at the UHaul, the 15 feet rental truck offers a spacious seating capacity for 3 adults, instead of only 2. Below or summarized some of the remarkable and exceptional characteristics of the 15 feet moving truck at the UHaul:

  • 764 cubic feet of volumetric capacity.
  • Maximum loading capacity of 6385 pounds.
  • 14500 LBS maximum gross weight vehicle.
  • 8115 pounds of weight for the empty 15 feet truck.
  • The heavy towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds.
  • Vast inside dimensions; as large as 15′ x 7’8″ x 7’2″.
  • Acceptable 10 miles per gallon mileage.
  • Furnished with fuel economy gauge.
  • Consist of seating capacity for three adults.
  • Modern and Stylish vehicle.
  • Fitted with automatic transmission.
  • Robust air conditioning system.
  • Infotainment system consisting of FM and am radio.
  • Light and moderate right suspension.
  • Quality disc brakes.
  • Provided with low back towing; as low as 2’10”.

5. UHaul 17 feet Truck

The 17 feet truck available at the UHaul is a perfect solution for all those people who want to shift to a double or three-bedroom house. This truck can effectively fulfill your needs for a single local move or even a one-way long distance move. Following are the summary of some of the important and remarkable characteristics of 17 feet u-haul moving truck:

  • 865 cubic feet of volumetric capacity.
  • 6160 LBS of maximum loading capability.
  • 14500 LBS maximum gross weight for the vehicle.
  • 8340 LBS weight for MP vehicle.
  • Towing capacity of as large as 10,000 lbs.
  • Big inside dimensions of 16’9″ x 7’8″ x 7’2″.
  • Satisfactory 10 miles per gallon mileage.
  • Comfortable ride for 3 adults.
  • Luxurious and stylish 17 feet u-haul truck.
  • Equipped with a strong air conditioning system.
  • Consist of automatic transmission.
  • The entertainment system comprises FM and AM radio.
  • The suspension system is very soft and gentle.
  • Competent disc brake.
  • Shortest and widest ramp.

6. UHaul 20 feet Truck

The 20 feet Uhaul rental moving truck is a perfect solution for all those residents who interested in relocating to a two or three-bedroom house. It has a very large and spacious van-like cab. It is a special design meant for or long distances move since this truck has the capacity to Comfortably seat 3 adult people. Following are the notable and remarkable characteristics of 20 feet u-haul moving truck:

  • 1016 cubic feet volumetric capacity.
  • 5700 Pounds of maximum loading limit.
  • 14500 Pounds of gross vehicle weight.
  • 800 pounds is the weight of empty 20 feet u-haul moving truck.
  • 7500 pounds of towing capacity.
  • Very big and adequate interior dimensions of 19’6″ x 7’8″ x 7’2″.
  • Sufficient 10 miles per gallon gas mileage.
  • Protection systems comprise effective air bags.
  • Adequate seating capacity for 3 adult people.
  • Perfect choice for a long-distance move.
  • The truck consists of automatic transmission.
  • Furnish with FM and AM radio.
  • The suspension system of this truck is very soft and gentle.
  • Effective disc brakes.
  • Shortest and widest ramp.

6. UHaul 26 feet Truck

The biggest rental truck available at the UHaul movers is the 26 feet truck. It has a plateau of notable characteristics which make it a perfect choice for large and 4-plus bedrooms move. The truck has very comfortable and van-like seating adequate for a relaxed long ride of up to three people. It is a powerful truck and has the capability of towing a trailer. Moreover, it has the ability to transport very large weight loads. Looking for the summarized noteworthy characteristics of the of legend 26 feet UHaul moving truck:

  • 1682 cubic feet volumetric capacity.
  • The maximum load can be up to 9010 pounds.
  • The maximum gross vehicle weight cannot go more than 25999 pounds.
  • 12990 LBS weight for the empty 26 feet truck.
  • 7500 lbs of towing capacity.
  • Effective 10 miles per gallon gas mileage.
  • Large and spacious inside dimensions of 26’5″ x 8’2″ x 8’3″.
  • Maximum fuel efficiency due to the presence of fuel economy gauge.
  • Adequate seating capacity for 3 adult people.
  • Comprises of automatic transmission.
  • Robot and powerful air conditioning.
  • Includes AM and FM radio.
  • Very soft and gentle ride suspension.
  • Quality and effective disc Braking System.
  • Shortest and widest Ram.
  • Coupled with a 2″ ball to make it capable of towing a trailer.
  • Contains of long-length rub rails and tie-downs on all three walls of the truck.
  • Comprises of a power steering.
  • High back vision due to the presence of patented dual Mirrors.

What size of UHaul truck do I need to fulfill my requirements?

Obviously, UHaul rental truck company offer too many truck sizes, and therefore at times, it becomes difficult for you to choose the right truck size for your needs. Therefore, if you are still not sure what size truck you need, ask yourself these 8 questions to help you select the right UHaul truck size for you:

1. How many bedrooms am I exactly moving?

The best question to ask yourself when selecting the UHaul the right truck size is to consider the number of bedrooms you are preparing to move. A simple rule says that the more the number of bedrooms you move the larger the truck size you will need.

Lucky enough for you, the UHaul rental truck company offer very easy to understand general guidelines comparing the number of bedrooms and the corresponding UHaul truck size. For example, for a one-bedroom or small studio move, the UHaul rental truck Company requirement hiring 8 feet truck, pickup cargo van, 9 feet truck, pickup van, or 10 feet truck.

Similarly, the company recommends 15 feet truck if you are planning to move one to a two-bedroom house, 17 feet truck for a two to a three-bedroom house, and a 26-feet truck for more than four-bedroom houses.

2. How much distance do I have to travel for moving?

If you have to move nearby, and it is possible for you to make multiple back and forth trips between homes, then obviously you should go for renting a small-sized u-haul truck. However, if you have to move to another city or across the country, it will certainly be impractical to make multiple trips between your destinations. Therefore, for long-distance moves, you must arrange a one-way move and load your truck in such a way that everything fit at once.

Moreover, another important consideration for a long distance move is gas mileage. No doubt that smaller size UHaul trucks have excellent gas mileage compared to large size trucks. But again you have to question yourself that is small size truck enough for you to transport all your belongings to your new destination? If yes, certainly you should go for a small size u-haul truck even for long distance move.

3. Do I have heavy and cumbersome furniture that will be difficult to fit inside a box?

Heavy and bulky furniture usually doesn’t fit inside UHaul packing boxes, and ultimately takes huge space inside your UHaul moving truck. If you consider that most of your belongings can easily fit inside storage boxes, or have the ability to disassemble, then you should choose the small size UHaul moving truck and try to fit all your items inside it. On the other hand, if most of your belongings have large size, and don’t have the ability to disassemble suggest furniture pieces, you have to go for a large size UHaul moving truck.

Large furniture items may include sofas, sectionals, coffee tables, large stairs, dining tables, mattresses, dressers, bar stools, console table, beds, and large size desks. Luckily, UHaul also provides general information regarding the types of heavy and cumbersome furniture that can fit inside each different size trucks.

For example, UHaul company claims that your king-size bed, two end tables, loveseat, and dining table with four sections can easily fit simultaneously inside their 10 feet moving truck. Moreover, the company claims that even after putting all this furniture in the 10 feet moving truck, you will still have some room for small household item boxes.

4. Do I have my own car which can be used in the moving process?

Do you plan to use your own car to transport small, loose, tiny, and miscellaneous items? If yes, it may be helpful for you in reducing the truck size for your move, and ultimately saving your currency. On the other hand, if you don’t have your personal car, you don’t want to use it in the moving process, you obviously would require a large size truck enough to transport all your household items, boxes, and furniture items.

5.  How many estimated a total number of boxes am I moving?

Don’t take small cardboard boxes easy for your move! You will be surprised to know that the small cardboard boxes to considerable large plastic containers usually take at least half or sometimes more than half of the total space available inside your moving.

Obviously, the more boxes you make, the larger the size of truck you need for moving, they have a direct relationship. In order to find out the number of boxes you may need for your next relocation, you can use many handy online moving boxes calculators available on the internet.

To do this, you should have the data including the total number of bedrooms being moved, your general type of lifestyle, the total number of adults in your house who are over 12 years of age, and the packaging style you mostly use. Put all these data in the online calculator, and you will get the estimated number of boxes required for your next relocation.

6. How comfortable I am to drive a large-sized truck?

If you need a large size UHaul truck, keep in your mind that it is not always as easy as it looked to drive a large-size truck. In fact, if you have never driven a large-size vehicle, driving a box truck will definitely not be an easy job for you. Therefore, you must ask yourself and analyze deeply if you are comfortable driving a large size moving truck? If yes, that will be alright. But if you don’t consider yourself comfortable, you should go for a smaller size Uhaul moving truck search SR 10 feet moving truck or simply a cargo van.

7. Am I also going to tow a trailer or a car with my moving truck?

Do you have so many household items that you end up requiring an additional trailer? This may be required for transporting patio furniture, haul grills, bikes, or other important outdoor items. Also, have you considered your car? Would you require an additional car carrier to transport your vehicle? The simple trick is that if you are planning to hire a car carrier or cargo trailer, you must go for a large size truck that also has enough weight to carry the extra load. This can be 17 feet, 20 feet, or even 26 feet u-haul moving truck.

Another important consideration is to decide which size car carrier or trailer will be enough to fulfill your moving requirements. Luckily, Uhaul again has multiple options for you starting from small-medium up to large cargo trailer. They also have 5 different types of utility trailers. Therefore, you can completely rely on the Uhaul to fulfill your moving needs.

8. What is the exact size of the selected Uhaul moving truck in cubic feet?

One of the most important considerations for selecting the right size you all moving truck for your move is to consider the exact amount of cubic feet each truck can hold. According to the Uhaul moving truck rentals, the customer should consider at least 150 to 200 cubic feet of Rental truck space for each fully furnished room. Therefore, you must calculate the exact amount of cubic feet you will require to fulfill your moving requirements before even packing. The final step is simply selecting the Uhaul truck comprising of the calculated cubic feet size.

Conclusive recommendations for selecting Uhaul Rental Trucks

1. For one-bedroom or small studio move, select Uhaul 8 feet pick up truck, 9 feet cargo van, or 10 feet moving box truck.
2. For medium to large size moves, consider 15 feet truck, 20 feet truck, or 26 feet box truck.
3. For an extremely large size or family move, select nothing else than Uhaul largest rental truck option i.e. 26 feet truck.

Always give enough time and energy in selecting the right size moving truck for your move. Obviously, you never want to waste your energy and time in loading a moving truck, and realizing at the last minute that it is not enough to fit all your belongings. You should get enough peace of mind while considering that all the Uhaul moving trucks have comfort Cabs, wide loading ramps, and decks to make your move more manageable.