It is quite a difficult job to find the appropriate shoe size for babies children. Particularly, in their early childhood when their growth is fast as a blink of an eye. Still, if you want comfort and safety for your kid, you must look for correct and appropriate shoe size for your kids’ feet.

Moreover, kids’ feet need special attention and support for nutritious foot growth. Starting from early childhood into late babyhood when your kid learns to walk, their foot keeps growing naturally. Stride rite has fortunately given a detailed study on “how-to” video series and parents friendly scaling and measuring tips to meet little feet of almost every shape and size to their perfect match of shoes.

Two Quick Ways to Measure Kids Feet at Home

This article will cover all the necessary knowledge about two easy ways to measure your children’s feet at home with ease. These are the stride rite shoe size method and the tracing method.

Using this stride rite measurement method, you can easily use the size guide and measure the children’s feet according to the size chart to have perfect straight right shoe size. In case you don’t have a printer to print the size guide, you don’t need to worry because the tracing method is there through which you can easily find shoe size using easy to find materials at home.

1. The Stride Rite Shoe Size Method

First of all, it is recommended to the stride shoe size guide. In the next step, follow all the instructions from the step-by-step guide:

Necessary Equipment

  • 1 shoeless child
  • Adhesive tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Lead pencil
  • Wall and hard floor
  • Credit card (necessary for scaling the print)
  • Shoelace (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. To Print Shoe Size Guide

The first and foremost step is to print the stride rite shoe size guide. For this purpose, you’ll need a color printer, make the scale setting to 100%. Uncheck the option of “page scaling” in the printer preference settings. Verify the printed page scaling by placing your credit card on to the shoe sizing area. If credit card alliance in the sizing area, all is good, otherwise, reprint shoe size guide with proper scaling again.

2. Organize Foot Size Measuring Space

Use scissors to cut the length ruler and width ruler from stride rite shoe size guide along the dotted lines. Now use adhesive tape to fix the length guide with a hard floor and make sure it doesn’t move when your child stands on it for measurement. Make sure to couple the curved line with the wall. Width ruler will be used later.

3. Be Ready For the Length Measurement

Put your kid feet on the length ruler and align his heel with the curved line on the sizing guide. Verify that the kid’s heel is properly touching the wall. Now from the size guide, mark the edges of kids’ foot toe with a lead pencil carefully the length measurement enlisted in the guide. Double-check that the Length and width measurements are written in the given spaces on the basis of right or left Foot.

4. Go ahead for Width Measurement

Width measurement needs careful attention. Ask your kid to stand straight with a width ruler under his foot. Cover all the food properly with the width ruler, particularly around the ball and the widest part of the foot. Make sure that the ruler is not wrapped tightly around the foot. carefully mark the area on the ruler that touches ” a line here” arrow with a pencil. Now observe closely the number from the width ruler that pair with the length measurement and make proper alignment with the mark on the ruler.

For example, if you find the length size “7” for your child, you should look for where the mark hit the number 7 on the width ruler. There is a hint that if the color is darker, the width will be wider. Now write this measurement carefully on the guide in the corresponding box.

5. Width Measurement with Shoelace (Alternate method)

One can also measure foot width using a shoelace. For this method, wrap the shoelace carefully around the foot widest part. Now make a spot on the shoelace that matches the point you are holding. Finally, put the endpoint of the shoelace at the “align here” indicator line and find the width that resembles the length measurement and the mark you just made.

6. Repeat Measurements for other foot
Now in the last step, repeat all the process with the other foot, particularly steps 3 and 4. Congratulations, you know the stride rite foot size of your child.

2. The Tracing Method

There is also another interesting method your child’s Stride Rite foot measurement, known as the tracing method. In this method, you trace the feet size of your kid and later on transform the measurements to the ideal shoe size with the help of stride rite’s shoe size guide.

Necessary equipment

  • 1 shoeless child
  • Marker
  • Ribbon
  • Ruler

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Outline Both Feet

In the first step of your child to stand on the sheet of paper. Note that you may need how to keep your child stand straight. Now the marker and trace outline of both feet of your child. In order to confirm the accuracy, repeat this step multiple times.

2. Length Measurement 

In order to measure the length, you need a ruler and note the reading from outside of the heel to the top of the toe on both feet. Record this reading in centimeters or inches and write down this reading as length. It is worth noting that many kid’s foot size changes drastically as they grow, as well as, there is a possibility that both of their feet have different sizes. Therefore, it is very important to measure each foot separately to the closest centimeter or inch to find the exact Stride Rite shoe size.

3. Width Measurement

For this step, you will need a ribbon. Firstly, carefully wrap the ribbon around one foot at its widest part and closely observe where the two ends meet. Now measure the wrapped part of the ribbon around the kid’s foot against the ruler. Finally, write down this number as width on the stride rite shoe size guide. Also, attentively repeat both length and width measurement steps for the other foot.

4. Finding the Stride Rite Shoe Size

Compare and examine your child’s foot size measurements with stride rite size chart in order to find the size and width. The stride rite chat is shown below.


How Can you Get Help in Measurements?

If you are interested in getting the most accurate measurement for your kid’s feet, the best-recommended option to visit your nearest stride rite location. Luckily, all stride rite locations have plenty of fit experts who are trained to measure the child’s feet accurately nearest centimeters, even if the child twist or focus during measurements.

Fortunately, stride rite employees use special measurement instruments called Brannock Devices, which promises the nearest and accurate Length and width measurements. Since babies and infants will never tell you if they are feeling uncomfortable with their shoes. But as a parent, if you take the help of stride rite employees and their latest measuring instruments, you can assure that the footwear of your child is correctly sized.

Some Important Tips and Advice

At times kid’s shoes sizing can be really confusing and if you are not trained, it can take several hours. It is quite different from clothing sizes because normally shoe sizes do not resemble the age of children, particularly toddlers and babies. Therefore, one simple solution is to list baby shoes with respect to their age in a month. Still, it is highly recommended that you should measure their feet because some babies grow little too fast than others.

If you feel that you are child’s shoe size is not available in kids’ shoe size guide, you should look for the sizing system which corresponds to numbers. Following are some common sizes and their corresponding children ages:

  1. Little kid shoes correspond to sizes 3.5 to 10.
  2. Big kid sizes are considered from size 10.5 onwards.
  3. Sizing system changes to adults when you are big kid size reaches 13.5 onwards.

How Frequently you Should Measure Kid’s Feet?

It is very surprising to know that children’s feet can grow up to one-half a size during a period of every 2 to 4 months. This average percentage mainly depends on age. Therefore, it is advised that you should measure your toddler’s feet at least every 2 months to make sure that their shoes are in a good-fitting size.

Moreover, there are plenty of frequently asked questions available for you to learn how your kid feed grows. It also discusses what kind of shoes you should consider promoting their healthy foot growth.

What should I do if my kid’s foot is between sizes?

It is a normal practice that you are child foot size may come in between sizes, or, otherwise, one foot is bigger in size than the other one. It is highly recommended that always buy a larger size. Obviously, you don’t want one of your child’s foot to be confined or cramped in their shoes and make them uncomfortable to walk restrict the healthy foot development.

Hassle-Free Shopping at the Stride Rite

In order to reduce the difficulties and problems in shopping, you should refer to stride rite’s shoe size guide frequently. You will feel yourself comfortable shoe size guide interpret sizes regardless of age. Stride rite always measures sizes according to the current length and width of your little kid’s feet.

Verifying The Fit

You got the correct size, you are almost done. Just use stride rite fit guide and discover a lot more about fitting kid’s shoes. This guide will also teach you how to make sure that small and developing feet are suitably shielded.

Purchasing Shoes By Size

Now happily you know the exact shoe size for your kid, you just need to pick up the ideal shoe pair from a large variety available at the stride rite stores. For your convenience, the company has categorized shoes on the basis of sizes, available on the stride rite webpage.