Surely the life of kids is all about fun, creating a mess, taking on new challenges, and doing crazy activities and they need shoes that don’t deceive them at any step. That’s where stride rite shoes come into play. Their shoes have the benefits of expert approval, extreme comfort, and full of adventurous imaginations, both in big and small sizes.

Stride rite has proved itself in the kid shoe market since 1919. They have the fame to come up with innovative kid’s footwear ideas based on new trends and fulfilling the requirements of healthy foot growth. One can expect more than just beauty and attractiveness from stride rite, their shoes actually help the young minds to develop confidence, energy, and coordination during each and every step of childhood. Stride rite has the pride to stand out in the kid’s shoe market due to the following main reasons:

1. Deliver trustworthy quality to the customer
2. Use reliable and safe materials for making shoes.
3. Authentic and life lasting footwear products.
4. Presenting specialties in craftsmanship.
5. Intense product testing before launching new designs.
6. The honor of having APMA approval.
7. Guaranteeing kids-friendly technology.
8. An ideal choice for pre-walkers.
9. Wide variety of light up shoes.
10. Abundant choices of wide width kid’s shoes.

Reliable Quality from Stride Rite

Undoubtedly, quality is the top priority of stride rite. It is one of the vision statements of the company to give superior quality kid’s shoes. The company uses a multi-step strategy and give utmost attention to craft every single stride rite shoe product very carefully and with honesty. The basic raw products are all secure materials that are faithful and resemble the appearance of actual kid’s feet. Assuring kids foot health is the top priority of the stride rite company. They hire experienced labor and have precise testing facilities to design shoes that guarantee kids foot health. All the testing facilities are also approved by APMA.

Trustworthy Materials for Crafting Shoes

Stride rite has the reputation to deliver the best products in the market for about 100 years now. For that purpose, the company makes sure to get all the manufacturing materials through a proper channel. They have very reputable and nominated suppliers that fulfill the high-quality criteria and can guarantee unharmful and chemical-free products for kid’s shoe manufacturing. Strike right do not use chemical glue but they prefer stitching instead, which is time taking but from any harm to kid’s foot health.
Most of the products from straight right contain any one of the following products or their combination:

  • Superior quality leather.
  • Foaming memory.
  • Delicate rubber.
  • Impenetrable mesh
  • Nonchemical liners.

Authentic and Faithful Shoemaking Last

A last is a three-dimensional pattern, shaped like a real human foot which is used by a shoemaker for making shoes. Common lasts used by shoemakers have firm boundaries and Smooth surfaces and do not have any flexibility. This is the problem with traditional lasts that are not suitable for making kid’s and babies’ shoes, since, small feet work really different from adult feet.

This is where the stride rite manufacturing processes make a difference. The company uses true-to-life shoemaking samples that are medically suitable for creating kid’s shoes. This is the reason that stride rite kid’s shoe collections are a perfect choice for increasing healthy foot growth. Babies have a sensitive body and their feet are soft and delicate. It is a requirement of kid’s feet to have flexible, soft, and gentle shoes that have the capability to fit their feet without limiting their movement. Stride rite guarantees soft and delicate kid’s shoes because of true-to-life lasts usage in the shoemaking process.

Excellent Labour Expertise

It is rightly said that in order to win the market place, a business must have to win the workplace first. The same is the case with stride rite, the company would not have achieved this much Glory without having superior craftsmanship expertise. The first step in the shoemaking process is guaranteed by the repeated lasting process to make sure reduced milk in kid’s shoes. As a result, the final product is delicate and soft which can help the clients to feel the ground below their feet. On the other hand, “soft motion” shoes have a special design that add smoothness and comfort to each and every step of your small kids. They have beautiful flat seamless linings and the exteriors are hand-stitched without using any chemical glues for extended usage.

One of the specialties of stride rite shoes is that they are never crowded with additional fabric on the exterior soles. Because doing so can decrease adhesion and the durability of the shoes. Rather stride rite uses an elastic rubber on the outsoles that resemble the natural shape of kid’s foot and increase stability, confidence, and conscious feedback.

Mighty Product Testing

Stride never compromise on product testing. It is because of the fact that safety is the top priority of the company. Therefore, stride rite invests all the required time and resources for proper testing of every new shoe design.

The testing process includes four phases:

1. Technology & Material Testing

In the first and the second phase include the quality and safety checks for the shoe technology and material components. Each and every pair go through rigorous testing and review by expert teams starting from soul to lace. The testing phase also includes pulling tests just to model real child attitude. This test picks out different elements of the shoes just as a normal child would do. The objective of this test is to ensure safety and durability and to prevent any risk of choking risks.

2. Product Integrity Testing

The next phase includes dual checks on product integrity to ensure safety and quality. These tests are carried out by experience product integrity team members. This is the final test for safety and quality inspection.

3. Fit-Approved Testing

After completing the testing phases, the shoes go through sample fit-approved sizes. Now they are ready for the wear test.

4. Shoes Wear Tests

The final step is the wear tests which can take as high as 60 hours. In this phase, the company assures the durability and safety of the shoes by each and every possible way.

APMA Seal of Approval

Stride rite company has received the license for the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) seal of approval. This permit is granted to manufacturers of feet accessories such as shoes, socks, insoles, and other related products. If a product is interested in earning the seal, must get the approval from committee of APMA podiatrists based on the product design. The committee confirms that that particular product scheme promotes decent foot health with regard to both safety and quality.

Therefore, parents can sit back and relax knowing that stride rite has an APMA seal of approval, so they are manufacturing proper podiatrist-recommended shoes for kids. Also, stride rite shoes will help the healthy foot development of your kids.

Child-friendly Technology

Stride rite company’s kid’s shoe collections actually make it apart from the rest of the competitors. They make their name through quality materials, rigorous product testing facilities, and innovative new designs. Therefore, you must keep a check on new designs and benefit from the best technology.


1. Pre Walkers (0-7)

Free workers are a special addition to the stride rite kid’s shoe collections. They are properly managed lightweight and have soft TPU outsoles. Therefore, overall pre-walkers gives the ideal combination of versatility, flexibility, ease, and security to help your young ones to crawl and ultimately take their initial steps.

2. Soft Motion Series (0-7)

Soft motion shoes series are particularly designed for babies who are just going to take their first step. This series has ideal design features that promote and support the natural movement. Soft Motion has the ability to give the wavering and unsteady walkers the real confidence and stability they need.  It will give them the confidence to walk on their two feet and explore the world without interrupting their regular growth.

3. Stretch Shoes for Infants & Grown-up Kids

Stretch shoe series highlight stride rite’s exclusively developed sensory response Technology. This mechanism intensifies proprioception which is the thought of position and movement of the body. It can also be defined as the system through which the joints and muscles interact with the brain to organize body movement. This distinct and sensitive feedback helps the development of fine motor abilities that are particularly required by kids to walk around in a safe and comfortable environment.

4. Made2Play Washable Shoe Series

Some of the best memories of being a kid are playing in the mud and splashing in pools so let’s face it. Why don’t give your young ones a chance to enjoy and make beautiful memories while playing in the mud without any concern about destroying their shoes? Stride rite Made2Play® or M2P is there for you. It is a shoe series with 100% machine washable ability. So sit back and relax because your days of cleaning shoes by hand are long gone.

5. Light-Up Shoe Series

What is the first wish of every child? Just to have shoes that light up with every step! Stride Rite light-up series or SRlights can be your top choice. It comes in various athletic styles with durable EVA outsoles and insoles having memory foam in order to achieve both style and purpose. Light up shoe series is composed of EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) outsoles, they are delicate, extremely shock absorbent and highly durable with conventional rubber outsoles.

SRlights shoe designs are magnified by superb lighting technologies in addition to their durability and extreme comfort. The beautiful innovative lights will add a sense of 4 to your child’s wardrobe. Stride rite M2P lighted shoe series is also washable in the machine so again there is no stress of washing your kid’s shoe with hand.

6. Stride Rite 360 Series

Stride right 360 kid shoe series is a proper combination of fashion and function. This series consists of innovative shoes that have designs with impressive features of detachable insoles and flexible buckles. These features make the life of parents easier and allow the kids to behave as kids without any fear.

7. Stride Rite Surprise Shoe Series

Undoubtedly, various kids have different growing needs, therefore, stride rite company has designed multiple shoe series to meet the diverse demands of the customers. Surprise Series by stride rite concentrates mainly on the comfort while considering strength and robustness. As a result, this shoe series can withstand all-day play and crazy adventures.


Charming fashions for kids and parents

Although every stride rite shoe is made according to expert advice with the class creation but still often style matters the most. This is the reason that the stride rite company has worked hard to design all of its products in exciting colorful designs. When kids wear their shoes, they like to show off because of its extreme style.

Availability of All Sizes

When a kid is growing, at times they demand wide, extra wide or even extra wide shoes for their growing feet. It is also necessary to give your young ones the required comfort and the room to grow courageously. Therefore, stride rite company has covered all the required kid’s shoe sizes.