The stride rite company is undoubtedly one of the top brands delivering its trustworthy services since 1919. Indeed it is highly recommended children’s footwear for approximately a century. Therefore, American parents simply choose stride rite for their new Walkers to give them the confidence to walk and ensure their healthy foot growth.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Review

The stride rite little kid’s soft motion sneaker series belongs to the premium class shoe category of the company.

stride rite soft motion series review

1. Ideal for first-time walkers: It is designed particularly for the toddlers who just took their first steps. It is an ideal choice for the new walkers who are learning to walk.

2. Very Comfortable: The sneaker is soft, luxurious, and flexible which truly helps the natural growth of the foot in a decent manner.

3. Great Foot Protection: At the same time, the hard and concrete underfoot sole guarantee kid’s protection from dangerous things such as sharped stones or broken glass.

4. Soft Undersole: Stride rite soft motion series comprises round and flexible soles that support new walkers to maintain their own balance.

5. It has memory foam which makes this footwear very comfortable.

6. The velcro easy on/off closures helps the shoe to keep security fitted on the kid’s foot.

7. This series from the stride rite company comprises of five colors which give a lot of freedom to others to pair them with various Spring and summer beautiful dresses.

8. Stride rite soft motion sneaker series has a very decent oversized opening which makes putting shoes on really easy.

9. Particularly if your baby has little chubby feet, and you are tired of frustratingly framing her feet into small shoes, soft motion stride rite sneaker series is the ideal option for you.

10. The best part of this sneaker series is that they are available in a variety of sizing and colors.

11. They are even available in half sizes and also in wide ones, which make your shopping choices large enough.

12. The stride rite company give you plenty of easy ways to determine your child’s exact foot size.

13. Normally stride rite sneakers are priced at $42, which may look a little expensive for kids shoe but if you compare it with other competitors in the market, you will find this price quite reasonable.


There is sad news coming that the free-standing stride rite brick and mortar stores are about to close. However, these stores will announce sales up to 50% and stride rite clearance will give a big relief to the financial burden of parents. More importantly, these sales shoes will also be available online.

Helping Humanity: The stride rite company is also making its name in helping humanity. It is a non-profit organization, which is making real efforts to help fight global poverty. For this cause, they have initiated a donation scheme named soul4soul through which they will collect donations of 127 different countries. Therefore, you have finally reached your destination if you were looking for high quality, well designed, and reliable pair of shoes for your first-time walkers.

As a whole, stride rite soft motion series little kid sneakers are 100% recommended for your little one. They are an excellent choice for a baby who is just learning to stand, walk, and cruise. They are readily available at multiple locations including Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Zappos.