Uhaul moving truck rental company has the privilege of ruling the hearts of the nation for many decades now. This is the reason that Uhaul continues to be one of the top customer choices for DIY moves. But the question arises, why should I choose a Uhaul moving truck for my DIY move?

Why Uhaul as your moving partner?

According to an estimate, an average US citizen moves almost 11 times in his life span. Undoubtedly, moving is a stressful and expensive process. Moreover, if not performed correctly, it can have a lot of negative consequences on our environment. Uhaul is a mature moving truck rental company that takes care of your moving needs and also considers all the important factors to take care of our beautiful planet. Following are the most important reasons why you should choose Uhaul as your next moving partner:

  • A large variety of available truck sizes.
  • A wide network of many nationwide locations.
  • Satisfactory and considerable add-on services.
  • Top choice of more than 50 million people in North America for a DIY move.
  • Uhaul avoids dirty diesel for the trucks, thus avoiding the release of dangerous greenhouse gases into the environment.
  • Proper recycling of waste such as cardboard, plastic, aluminum glass, and paper.

7 Things to Consider When Booking a Uhaul Moving Truck

Obviously, just like performing anything else in your life, there are numerous things to consider when booking a Uhaul rental truck for your move. For example, do you consider yourself old enough to Comfortably derive the Uhaul the moving truck? What size of truck you should consider to conveniently fit all your belongings inside the moving truck? Are you considering all the fuel costs? Are you counting the fuel mileage of various trucks available? and many more. Below are listed some of the important considerations to keep in mind before booking a Uhaul moving truck:

1. The age of the person who will drive the truck

Obviously, one of the most important things to consider before renting a Uhaul moving truck is the age of the driver. It is the policy of the Uhaul rental truck company that only those who are above 16 years of age can rent a moving trailer. Similarly, those with more than 18 years of age are eligible to drive a moving truck. Furthermore, all the customers are required to have a legitimate and valid driving license. If you somehow do not meet the above age and driving license requirements, you should request some of your qualified friends or ask your parent to rent and drive a Uhaul moving truck for you.

2. Rental Insurance of the truck

Although insurance is not mandatory for or booking rental trucks and same is the case with uhaul trucks. However, if it is possible anyway, you should do it. Although, most of the Auto Insurance policy companies don’t cover the dental trailer or trucks. This simply means that if due to any reason you get into accident while driving the uhaul moving truck, you will not be covered for any loss for your Auto Insurance Company.

Fortunately, Uhaul has several protection plan for your safety. Following are some of their popular protection plans:

a. Safemove Uhaul Protection Plan

This plan is particularly designed for you all trailers and trucks and include damage coverage, cargo damage waivers. This also include life and medical coverage of handsome amount.

b. Safemove Plus Uhaul Protection Plan

This plan include all the rivers and coverages similar to safemove plan. But this also includes an additional coverage of $1,000,000 mortgage contract to cover any potential damage caused to others property and persons. Furthermore, this package exclude the free coverage for any accidental damage done to the rental truck.

c. Collision damage waiver Uhaul protection plan.

This plane is of special importance for pickup trucks and cargo vans. This package cover all the protection damage after the first $150.

3. Number of passengers

Are you planning for a long distance move? Are you planning to move along with your family? If you have plans to move with your family and take a ride on the uhaul rental truck during the move, you should consider the truck that has option to accommodate all your passengers. Unluckily, most of the rental trucks have a maximum seating capacity of three passengers. Moreover, truck ride is also not considered safe for family travel, particularly not safe for small children and kids.

Uhaul rental trucks that are able to accommodate three adult passengers include 8 feet pick up truck, 15 feet box truck, 17 feet box, 20 feet box truck, and 26 feet box truck. On the other hand, uhaul cargo van and 10 feet box truck are capable of accommodating to adult passengers only.

4. Size of the rental truck

One of the most important considerations when booking a Uhaul rental truck is to consider it size. No one want to load a complete truck and at the last minute realizing that the rental truck is not enough to accommodate all of your household belongings, furniture, and other boxes. Lucky enough for you, Uhaul give variety of trucks sizes which have the ability to accommodate all kind of moving items. Uhaul offer 10 feet truck, 15 feet box, and claim that they are good choice for one or two bedroom home move. Similarly, 17 feet truck and 20 feet box trucks are good choice for two to three bedroom house move. Finally, for a four-plus bedroom move, you should go for 26 feet moving truck at the Uhaul, which is the largest rental truck available at the company. In order to get more information about choosing the right size and enter truck, click here.

5.  Gas mileage of the Uhaul Rental Truck

Another very important consideration for rental moving trucks is their gas mileage. You should not be surprised to know that the rental trucks don’t give the greatest gas mileage. In order to find the nearest estimate for your gas cost, you should consider the average gas cost in your state, and you should also not the total distance you will have to travel for moving.

Mostly truck rentals for moving are considered to be gas guzzlers. For instance, the Uhaul largest 26 feet moving truck only offer 10 miles per gallon gas mileage. Likewise, the smaller trucks and vans also require you to stop frequently at gas stations for refilling. Indeed, the Uhaul 10 feet box truck has only 12 miles per gallon gas mileage.

Obviously, you should not bother much about the gas mileage answer if you are moving locally, however, for a long-distance move, gas mileage requires a lot more consideration. Therefore, for a long-distance move, you must consider and add the total gas cost in your entire DIY moving expenditure.

6. Renting add-on services

Whenever you are planning to move, always make sure that your household items and equipment rentals require addon services or not. These add-on services may include but not limited to storage options moving labor, trailers, packing supplies, boxes, dollies, tie-down, ropes, wheelchair carriers, hitching accessories, bike racks, motorcycle towing, boat, and RV surgeries, or hitches. The Uhaul truck rental company e offer this add-on service along with its moving trucks. You are open to select and purchase any of your required add-on services when you book a Uhaul rental truck.

7. Uhaul moving assistance service

When you plan to hire a Uhaul rental truck service, you probably would need to get assistance in planning your loading, unloading, and other considerations about the rental truck. Performing your DIY move completely by yourself is not always an as efficient and safe method to transport to a new house. Add if due to any reason you are on a tight budget, you have more problems. You may have to ask your family and friends to give you help and assistance on a moving day.

One nice trick is to inform your friends and family welfare of all time in order to schedule any potential conflicts. If you don’t have any available family and friends on a moving day, you should get help from the moving day labor available at Uhaul and other moving services online. There are particularly two types of moving help labor, one dose who are expert in packing is called labor-only movers. While others provide you full moving service.

Finally Ready for Booking Uhaul moving truck for the next relocation?

After carefully considering All the above factors, you are now ready to book u haul moving truck rental for your next relocation. But fortunately, there are also plenty of Rental options available for the DIY movers. Some competitors of Uhaul rental truck including but not limited to Penske, budget truck, add enterprise truck rentals.