“If you can’t afford travel insurance, then you can’t afford to travel”, this is my top advice if anyone asks me about traveling.

But imagine how it would feel if you purchased a travel insurance policy and still didn’t get the claim for any mishap during the trip.

So the most important thing is to be watchful when purchasing the travel insurance policy.

Travelocity is one of the most scandalous travel insurance agencies. Lucky you’re since I am going to talk in particular about why you should not purchase Travelocity Travel Insurance Policy.

Let’s start it!

Why do you need Travel Insurance at all?

Travel insurance is there to give you financial cover for the losses made during your journey anywhere in the world. These losses can include the trip cancellation during the journey or the loss of luggage during or after the flight. The travel insurance will also give you financial aid in case you fall ill or are injured during your journey.

Medical treatment is quite expensive in many countries so if you didn’t have travel insurance then you might have to spend tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t have to worry about the money if you have travel insurance.

There are three main aspects of travel insurance which should be kept in mind. First of all, you must consider the exact duration of the trip to decide the best insurance plan for you. Secondly, you must also spend time in research to find the best company for you. Finally, choose the best travel insurance plan from the available options according to your needs. The plan should be such that you have to pay the minimum premium to avail of maximum bonus/risk cover rates.

When you will know the high medical treatment expenses in most countries, you’d take the travel insurance straight away.

I still remember how obliged I was for my travel insurance during my short trip to Taipei, Taiwan. I had a severe pain attack on my molar teeth, but thanks to travel insurance that allowed me to book an appointment with the best English-speaking dental surgeon available in Taipei. Afterward, I put a claim request with Allianz travel insurance agency, I received the money within a few weeks.

Should I get Travelocity travel protection?

Travelocity is one of the most reputed travel agencies since the 1990s. Indeed, it has offered several considerable discounts, guaranteed customer services and a wide range of travel deals but it has shown serious negligence and disappointment in travel insurance schemes.

It is quite confusing and time-consuming to understand what is covered and what is not covered in a travel insurance plan. This becomes more confusing when you are booking it online. If you have decided to use Travelocity to book the travel, be prepared to face the confusing terms and conditions. They would use so many complex and double-meaning terms that you will find it very hard to understand the exact deal.

Travelocity Travel Insurance Plans

Travelocity Travel Insurance Plans are annual travel protection policies that are issued by Travel Insured International. These plans are underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators Group of Companies.

Travelocity has always offered travelers the opportunity to purchase travel insurance coverage before they leave on their trip in order to protect themselves against accidents or illnesses that may occur while they are away from home. The company’s introduction of Travelocity Travel Insurance Plans was a first for the online travel industry and it has since been a popular choice among its customers.

Travelocity offers three different plans:

World Trip Protector Plus

This insurance plan from Travelocity covers travelers who want protection for their trip up to age 75; available for trips 10 days or longer. The cost for this plan is $269.00 and the maximum amount of coverage per person is $5,000,000

World Trip Protector

The above Travelocity insurance plan covers travelers who want protection for their trip up to age 70; available for trips 10 days or longer. The cost for this plan is $169.50 and the maximum amount of coverage per person is $5,000,000

Essential Trip Protector

This particular Travelocity insurance covers travelers who want a basic plan that protects them for up to age 69; available for trips 10 days or longer. The cost for this plan is $89.50 and the maximum amount of coverage per person is $1,500,000

Travelocity Insurance Plan Conditions

The plans above also cover people traveling with infants/children/spouses/family members.

In addition to protection from accidents and illnesses, each plan offers vacation cancellation/interruption protection as well as baggage loss/delay insurance.

Other benefits include Emergency Evacuation & Transportation which provides medical transportation back home when necessary and Lost Luggage Reimbursement which reimburses customers if their bags are misplaced by an airline.

Travelocity’s plans are available to people who live in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

While they can be bought up to two months before your trip is scheduled to begin, coverage under them begins at 12:01 a.m., on the first day of your trip (when you buy it prior to this time, you must call to activate the policy).

Some Other Notables

The company’s plans are designed to be flexible, allowing customers to purchase insurance policies that meet their specific needs. For example, if you decide not to ski on your vacation but want protection in case you are injured snowboarding instead, this is an option with Travelocity’s plans. The same goes for golfing enthusiasts who want protection in case they injure themselves playing a casual round of golf during their trip.

Travelocity Insurance Plan Pricing

The price of a Travelocity plan can be reduced by combining it with other policies, such as those offered by airlines. This is an excellent option for people who have already purchased their flight and want to bundle it with the corresponding travel insurance plan. In order to redeem this discount, you must purchase your Travelocity plan within 24 hours of booking your flight.

Travelocity is dedicated to providing its customers with fully customizable plans that are simple to understand and easy to buy. It offers three different levels of coverage so travelers can choose what is right for them. They are also committed to being available 24/7 by phone, email, or chat in the event that a customer has any questions or concerns about their policy.

The Travel Insured International plans offered by Travelocity are fully guaranteed, which means that if they are not honored when a claim is filed, customers receive 100% of their money back.

For more information on Travelocity’s travel insurance plans please, visit the company’s website and visit the insurance and assistance page.

Travelocity offers Vacation Waiver – Not Travel Insurance!

Most of the time when you book a trip online from a travel site, you will come across many ads before you log out. Most of the time, travel protection or waiver ad is among them. The same happened every time you try to book a trip from the Travelocity website. Does this always mark a question in the mind of the tourists that is a vacation waiver worth the money?

What is the difference between travel insurance and a vacation waiver?

It must be very clear that travel insurance and vacation waiver are two different things. Travel insurance covers a wide range of possible travel problems starting from health concerns to natural tragedies. A vacation waiver, on the other hand, is merely an added flexibility to your travel plan. It will allow you to make a one-time change or withdrawal from your trip before the scheduled start time. Moreover, it will give you the financial cover for the change fees and cancellation charges or even compensation for the cost of your flight.

Is the Travelocity vacation waiver worth the cost?

The Travelocity vacation waiver is only worth the cost merely in a specific set of circumstances. Thus, it is strongly recommended to read the Travelocity fine prints carefully before choosing it. It is further recommended to consider your trip timings in any cost calculations. As the vacation waiver will vary significantly depending on the scope and budget of your trip. However, one must research the following two scenarios when choosing a vacation waiver:

  • Is the vacation waiver fee going to be noticeably less than an airline change fee?
  • Will it be less than any possible booking withdrawal fee?
  • How much time would it take to collect proof of cancellation and request a refund from Travelocity?

The timing of the cancellation is also an important factor. Because most of the hotels and cheap flights will often allow cancellations a maximum of 24 hours before your scheduled time. Likewise, car rentals can be annulled on short notices, so there might not be any cancellation fee.

Thus, you should be careful that you are choosing a travel insurance plan when booking your trip online. And if the travel insurance option is not available, like in the Travelocity booking, then you must stick to at least a vacation waiver. Obviously, something is better than nothing. But, never forget to read the Travelocity vacation waiver fine prints in detail.

Things you must know about Travelocity Vacation Waiver Plan

It is undoubtedly a good decision to take at least Vacation Waiver Package than having no travel risk coverage at all. Travelocity Vacation Waiver Package will pay the changes and cancellation charges to the travel providers such as airline, hotel, and car Rental Company, etc. on your behalf. But still, there are a few things that must be kept in mind when selecting the Travelocity Vacation Waiver:

Travelocity will reimburse the ticket price only in the form of airline credit

This is the worst thing one can expect from a travel insurance agency. Guess what! The refunded airline credit will be locked with the traveler’s name. This means that the traveler can use this credit only with the same airline in the future.

Travelocity Reimbursement scheme is not applicable to “non-changeable” airline tickets

The Travelocity Vacations Waiver Scheme will not entertain the reimbursement of the “non-changeable” airline tickets. Actually, the individual policy of the airline normally places the refund of the credit at its lowest part. This means that the traveler has to do a wholesome reading of the airline policy to avail of the waiver, and most probably it won’t simply work with Travelocity.

Travelocity will never clearly inform you about the fluctuating prices policy

The Travelocity Vacations Waiver Scheme will never make the airline fluctuating prices policy clear to the traveler. This means that if you change the reschedule an airline flight from its off-peak period to peak period, you will never be able to use the airline credit. This happens quite regularly with travelers who travel on a regular basis. But Travelocity always simply rejects the claim request of the customer straightaway in this case.

The worst part is that in case the prices get high after you rebook your trip, the company may ask you for extra charges. On the other hand, if the prices get low, the reimbursement of the money totally depends on company consent. This means that Travelocity thinks about itself as the top priority. Customer satisfaction doesn’t matter to them.

Other disappointing salient features of the Travelocity Vacations Waiver Scheme

Travelocity Vacations Waiver Scheme is not recommended if you are planning a family trip. It will cost you quite a lot and will not give you a considerable amount of cover. Some really noticeable disappointing features of the Travelocity Vacations Waiver Scheme are:

  • One cannot purchase a vacation waiver after booking.
  • It cannot be transferred to anyone else and must be used by whoever’s name is on it.
  • A traveler can only use the airline credit to the same airline
  • A vacation waiver has no cash value.
  • It cannot work for non-changeable flights.
  • It will not accept any change or cancellation fees that occur after your trip starts (unless an airline cancels your flight)
  • Worst customer service–you will have to wait hours before you could speak to them.
  • Travelocity will get you the travel insurance from a third party.
  • No claim will be payable if one rebook the Trip and the prices have changed.
  • If the prices get high after rebooking, you may get extra charged.
  • If the prices get low after rebooking, the reimbursement depends on company consent.

Note: Travelocity will still be obliged to pay for the hotel or other activities in the trip if prices change. But the feedback of the people who tried Travelocity tells us that they are not trustworthy. They have a very bad reputation in paying the travel protection claims.

Travelocity Travel Insurance Claim

Travelocity is indeed one of the worst travel insurance agencies when it comes to insurance claims. They have the most horrible customer service. More than 90% of the travelers have made negative comments on Travelocity Insurance claims. In simple words, they didn’t care about the customers and would never understand their pain. Obviously, one pays for the travel insurance to get peace of mind when he is away from his home. But, just imagine, how you would feel if you have paid the insurance premiums and still you have to pay for medical treatments, flight cancellation, etc. from your own pocket.

Most of the customers gave bad remarks about the Travelocity Travel insurance Claim policy. Many regular tourists who have tried almost all insurance agencies have suggested not to use Travelocity to anyone. According to them, the Travelocity vacation waiver and total travel protection provide no option.

The majority of the victims have been rejected in the cancellation insurance claims. The second major rejection have been observed in the changes fees even if one has done it before the start of the trip. They state that Travelocity is quick to take the money from you but will never refund them.

I think it’s a good time to share a few cases of the Travelocity insurance claim rejections for no reason. But, this would make it quite easy for you to take a decision whether to choose Travelocity Total Travel Protection or not. Here is the first one;

Case 1

“If I could give Travelocity and this Travelodge a minus 100 rating, I would”, said Lisa Zuehlke. She booked a group trip to Virginia Beach using the Travelocity website. But, the hotel and its environment were totally disgusting. According to her, the hotel doesn’t look anything like the pictures represented by Travelocity. She claimed that the hotel building was all broken from inside and outside. There were 3 licenses posted on the hotel reception and all of them were expired. The dining area was all packed with filth, and wild Rats were running all around entering from the dilapidated air conditioners.  They were requested to view the room, which they must consider a “Good Room”. All of them were utterly disgusted to see the dirt all over, the broken-down drapes, and dark slimy wall filth. It was an absolute horror situation.

At that very moment, Lisa decided to leave the hotel and ask Travelocity for reimbursement since they have taken the vacation waiver “insurance”. They were really stunned to know from the hotel administration that since they have purchased the trip through Travelocity, so it is non-refundable. Lisa called the Travelocity Customer Service straight away. What a Joke!  It took many hours to get connected with the ‘corporate’. Travelocity refused the refund of the hotel charges without knowing or understanding the ground realities.

The whole motel experience was a nightmare for Lisa and her family. She decided to never book the trip again with Travelocity. She concluded that the entire Travelocity is inadequate and all of its staff is completely non-sense and non-cooperative.

Case 2

Bryan Jeter launched a complaint against Travelocity on August 18, 2016. He was a military person and was posted in Naples, Italy. He booked a flight from Naples, Italy to Alabama through Travelocity. Bryan was charged extra for the delivery of paper tickets. But the printed paper tickets didn’t reach him till the date of the flight. He went to the airport before the flight time to try to use the itinerary and my reservation code to get the plane seats. But the airport authorities refused to offer him a flight and asked him to purchase new tickets. This could be really distressing situation for anyone and particularly when one could not afford to repay the tickets again. Anyhow, he managed to purchase the flight rickets somehow to reach his home.

Here came the real horrifying face of Travelocity. Bryan contacted Travelocity Customer Service upon his arrival at home. They asked him to email them the detail of the whole incident with all proof. After continuous correspondence and waiting for 2 months, Travelocity simply refused the reimbursement of the money. They put all the blame on Bryan that it was because of him that they couldn’t deliver the tickets in time. Thus, a warning to everyone, not to purchase a Travelocity travel protection plan. It is a total scam and a waste of your money. You cannot cancel and get a refund.

Travelocity Total Travel Protection

Travelocity Total Travel Protection allows you to cancel or change the trip schedules and Travelocity will pay on your behalf for the changes fees. The salient features of the Travelocity Total Protection Plan as claimed by the agency are as follows:

  • The flexibility of changing or canceling your trip at any moment before the scheduled start time.
  • Financial cover for the changes/cancellation fees before the trip scheduled start time.
  • Guarantee a full repayment for canceling your trip.
  • Guarantee full compensation for any change fees and credit for future travel.

The Travelocity Total Protection Plan will be activated after you have confirmed your booking and cleared all waiver charges.

This is absolutely the responsibility of the traveler to read all the terms and conditions for the Travelocity Total Travel Protection Plan before choosing it. Furthermore, the travelers are advised to go through the remarks of the tourists who already have used the Travelocity Total Travel Protection scheme.

Again, most of the tourists have warned the newbie travelers to avoid using Travelocity Travel Protection Plan. It is a scam and the Travelocity will doesn’t care about customer pleasure.

What is Travelocity Protection Plan?

Travelocity Protection Plan is the same as Total Travel Protection. You can read all the details of the Travelocity Travel Protection plan in the above paragraph.

Travelocity Hotel Cancelation Policy

If the hotel booking is done online through Travelocity then you always have the option to cancel it. When the hotel booking will be canceled then Travelocity will let you know if you are due any money. The agency will refund you the money after deducting the booking fees. But you will be reimbursed only if you cancel the hotel bookings at least before 24 hours of your trip scheduled start time.

The cancellation of the hotel or flight booking can also be done by phone. If you are calling from the US then dial 1-855-201-7800 and if you are calling from non-US then dial 1-417-520-5312. This will redirect you to the customer service section. Follow the instructions and enter your trip ID. If you don’t have the tip ID then wait for the operator.

But you would be one lucky chap if you get the reimbursement. As Travelocity refund problems are quite a normal thing. And the reason for the Travelocity refund problems is their pathetic customer service.

How to change Travelocity Travel plans؟

Customers are always open to avail themselves of the option of changing their flights and hotel bookings. If they have purchased the vacation waiver as well then Travelocity is also obliged to pay back the cancellation fee. The cancelation can be done both online through their website as well as through the customer service.

But you must have strong patience for cancelation. As Travelocity customer service is really poor. Most probably the cancellation process will take hours. They will put you on hold and then you will be told that you need to be transferred to another department, which will never answer the call.

Travelocity Insurance Reviews

It will not be an exaggerated statement if we call it a scam. Travelocity travel insurance scheme is very terrible. They are happy top receive the money but are never going to worry about customer service. So, simple is that never choose Travelocity for your trip bookings.

But if you have made your mind to go on with Travelocity then pray that you don’t face any mishap during your trip. Don’t think that you are in the safe zone because you have purchased the Travelocity vacation waiver or travel protection.  If you have any problems and you need to change your trip plan, then never expect a quick recovery of claim from Travelocity. Indeed, you should pray to get reimbursed.

Summarizing the Travelocity Total Travel Protection Review here:

  • Travelocity Vacation waiver or Total Travel Protection is a scam. Only advice: Avoid them.
  • Travelocity Travel insurance is a product of 3rd
  • The customer service of Travelocity is the most horrible.
  • Most of the customer service agents are non-cooperative, they’ll never help you to get your claim.
  • The customer service agents are located somewhere else in the world & don’t have your record.
  • They are happy to get the money from you but will never be pleased to pay authentic claims.
  • Typically the hotels will not be the same as shown on the Travelocity webpage.

So, Is Travelocity reliable? In simple words, the Travelocity Travel protection Plan is a complete waste of money and time. If you cancel the flight, then you will be out of your flight + insurance money.

Travelocity Travel Protection Plan is a Product from 3rd Party

Another big reason for the dreadful image of Travelocity insurance is that it gets you the travel insurance from a third party. This means that Travelocity will never make itself responsible for any claim requests. It will simply redirect you to the Travel Insurance agency. Now it’s all up to you and the third-party agency, and it’s all your luck if you get the insurance claim or not.

Travelocity has not indicated anywhere on the website that the travel protection plan is a product from a third party. So, whenever you will have to appeal for a claim from Travelocity, you will first have to bear the exhausting sessions of waiting for the operator to talk. After at least one hour online, you will be asked to file a separate claim appeal with the company controlling the travel protection plan.

Therefore, the theme of the review is that you should avoid using Travelocity as much as you can. The best solution is to try some other better booking app or directly with the airline. In this way, you should have at least a clear understanding of the booking conditions.

Travelocity Customer Service

Travelocity’s customer service is very slow, extremely bureaucratic and they basically do not like to return your money. First of all when someone tries to call customer service to ask for something genuine, he has to wait hours for the lines to connect. Sometimes the line will be connected to some incorrect department. One has to call again and again just to talk in the right branch.  If luckily you get the call in the right branch, they will possibly not have your record. Most of the customer service agents are located somewhere else in the world. When a person calls them to ask about the claim appeal, they don’t have enough documentation with them. Basically, one is talking to a subcontracting firm who don’t have enough resources and knowledge to solve the issue.