Uhaul movers are meant to provide packing, loading and cleaning services to the customers who need help in moving.

Uhaul Movers

The people hire a helper to do loading and unloading and it is their job for a living. U-Haul movers are professional and specialize in loading and unloading services. There are several companies which are doing labor jobs only. They are also customer-rated where you can find reviews about moving helpers. Uhaul moving services are best for college students, part-time work and friends. As a college student, you can work according to your own choice. It means that you can work as a Uhaul moving helper according to your own schedule which is suitable for you. Therefore, it is an ideal work for college students who have to attend their classes too. They can make a schedule which is suitable for them and they can study as well as earn.


Uhaul moving helpers can be part-time workers who are willing to make some extra cash. Apart from their career, they can also work there part-time. It is better if you are your own boss and you can work on your desired hours. Many moving companies try to start as a bunch of friends who want to start their own business. If you are working with friends in a moving company then you can make more money together. Many family members are also becoming moving helpers in order to give support and enjoy it. You can find Uhaul movers or moving helpers on their website by adding your location, date and start time. After that, you need to press the find moving helpers button.

Frequently Asked Question about Uhaul Movers or Uhaul Moving Help or helpers

Q: What or who is movinghelp.com?

A: It is another online marketplace which connects you to quality laborers or movers. They also provide labor services according to the price which is listed on Uhaul’s website. The customers select the labors according to their reviews which they get after providing mover services.

Q: How to use movinghelp.com service?

A: Firstly, you need to enter the zip code where you want the services. Secondly, they will contact you and you have to settle down your schedule. Thirdly, when your task is done then you will have to send the payment code which you received in your email. You give them payment code after your satisfaction and you receive it at the time of checkout. Lastly, you can also give the details to the next family by giving your reviews.

Q: What is payment code in Uhaul movers?

A: It is for making sure that you are satisfied with their work. Movinghelp.com will give you this authority to make sure that you are happy with their services. And they will not leak or release this information without your permission. If they will satisfy you and you will pay them.

Q: I am unable to find my payment code?

A: You need to find it on your receipt or in the confirmation email. If you have lost your receipt and trashed your email then you need to log in your customer account on Uhaul website.

Q: Why am I not be able to talk to someone on phone?

A: You will be able to connect to your Uhaul moving helper and they will work for you. Uhaul wants to give you best services for the lowest prices.

Q: Can moving helpers provide a truck or supplies too?

A: No, Uhaul only has labor services, if you need a truck or moving supplies then visit uhaul.com

Q: What if Uhaul moving helper does not show up?

A: It is better you call your moving helper the day before moving and confirm your schedule. If you are unable to contact them instead of calling then log in your customer account on Uhaul website. After logging in, you need to select new moving helper.

Q: What will happen if my moving helper damages my property?

A: Your payment code authorizes you to control everything. Therefore, you will have to communicate with your moving helper to find a solution to your problem. Uhaul movers are motivated to satisfy their customers because they do not get paid before you release the payment code.

Q: How many hours do I need or require?

A: A standard mover can take up to 2 to 8 hours. In addition, you can use Uhaul estimator tool in order to determine the time frame you need. It is based on the size of your home. You need to keep in mind that some elements may increase your time including stairs, heavy and bulky items, disassembling etc.

Q: Why U-Haul movers need the minimum of two hours?

A: Uhaul movers need 2 hours because they want to perform a good and quality service.

Q: What if the customer underestimated the time he needs?

A: It is not a big issue. You need to log into your account and add hours and services. Additionally, you can also add laborers too and Uhaul will add it to your account with the same payment code.

Q: What if the customer overestimated the time he needs?

A: You can get more help from moving helpers. It includes the stuff you may not be able to do that is, clean up, unpacking and organizing. Therefore, you have to take advantage of Uhaul movers because they are paid for the requested time, not for working hours.

Q: Can we give tip to moving helper?

A: Yes, Uhaul encourages tipping and you can also give them reward by giving them 5 stars review.

Q: Can we get moving helpers to help us with the U-Box container?

A: Yes, because they are ready for help with loading, unloading, delivery and return of the Ubox container if you need.

Q: How can I place an online review of my moving helper?

A: Uhaul will send you a link after you pay the Uhaul movers via email. You have 60 days to post a review online. If you do not find that email then you need to log into your customer account to review a job.

Q: How can I cancel my order?

A: You need to access your customer account in order to cancel your order. Uhaul processes all the refunds immediately when you cancel the order. If you do not get your refund within a week then you need to contact your bank.

Resource: uhaul.com